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BG2 and bugged hitpoints


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Hello everybody!


As some of you may have noticed, Baldur's Gate 2 seems to have problems assigning the correct number of hitpoints to new or imported characters. I just created 3 new characters and everyone of them had exactly 10 Hitpoints too much. They were fighters, so this means they received a full hit dice on top of what they should usually get.


When I saw this, I remembered reading about this bug a very long time ago. I have searched every forum known to me for hours but couldn't find a solution to this problem. Results are scarce and very inconsistent. Some report that it happens only with new characters, others claim it happens with imported ones as well. Sometimes the difference is exactly one hit dice, sometimes it is much more (a Fighter/Thief jumping from around 70 in BG1 to over 140 after importing). Nobody could explain how and why this happens.


I can't believe that there is no mod out there to fix this. I don't think it is hardcoded as it doesn't happen with new characters in Tutu or BGT. And for some strange reason, around one out of ten characters isn't affected by it.

Something really strange is going on there.


And no, I have no mods installed. Not even a Fixpack. BG2+ToB+Patch. That's it.

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Are you sure? The first fix to this problem I could think of was the BG2 fixpack, but it isn't mentioned in the documentation. Considering the amount of completely unimportant stuff mentioned there I think the developers were quite accurate with the documentation, which means that the problem isn't fixed.


As I could only find very few threads about this problem in 5 boards, I think it isn't fixed because only few people even noticed it. If, for example, their new fighter with 16 Constitution starts with 94 Hitpoints on level 7 (7*12 is 84 if I am not completely mistaken :suspect:), they don't notice it because it is "only" 10 too much.

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Just tried it again a few times. Seems that it doesn't depend on the level as thieves are one level higher than warriors on 89k XP and they get a whole hit dice (in this case 6) more as well.


As nobody seems to know about a fix... does anyone know where else I could ask or which files I should have a closer look at to fix it myself? I haven't modded an Infinity engine game before, but I don't think this engine is much more complicated than those I already worked with.

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This thread (still in Pending Bugs of the fixpack forum) says that it happens only in patched ToB, and only if the character is created with more than 0 XP. As BGT/Tutu characters are created with 0 XP, they are not affected. Definitely not sure about this, I think I've seen Fun hp-related code in BGT.


Probably a bug in the ToB 26498 executable. Ask Ascension64 of BGT for the scoop?

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Thank you for the link. I have searched over an hour for a thread like that.

Seems to be one of the weirdest bugs in the whole game.


I just had a look at the game files and everything seemed to be quite simple.

But the executable... damn. That is far too much. :suspect:

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