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Looking for alpha-testers for a very quick test-run


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If anyone has a tiefling male and a non-tiefling, non-aasimar character close to meeting Duncan, I would appreciate a quick mini-test run, to see that the appropriate racial dialogues trigger.

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If anyone has a tiefling male and a non-tiefling, non-aasimar character close to meeting Duncan, I would appreciate a quick mini-test run, to see that the appropriate racial dialogues trigger.


Remind me who Duncan is? The leader of the watch in Neverwinter I think? I should have saves pretty close to there.. I'm reinstalling the game now, looking through the old save files..

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Duncan is the innkeeper of the Sunken Flagon. You would need a save right before you entered Neverwinter for the first time.


I finished reinstalling everything, and I do indeed have a save pretty close.


Elf Ranger, if that is important.

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Awsome, I will send you a PM with a linkie to download Neeshka's new stuff and what I want you to check for me. Tonight if the gods of modding are good!

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I replied to the pm, but I can't seem to get a confirmation, and then I tried to just message you, and it STILL won't tell me I sent it so I'm posting it here, just to be sure..


This is kinda spoilerish. Don't read it.



Unrar it and replace the existing Neeshka folder in your FP folder.


Alrighty, my results:


I don't know exactly what you meant by FP folder, so I just overwrote the Neeshka folder in Programfiles/Atari/NWN2/Ovveride , and I have the flirt pack (FP?) installed, so it asked me to overwrite some files (70 some odd, if that makes a difference), and I said yes to the overwrite.


You have an elven ranger, so what I am looking for is that after you havethe long cut-scene with Duncan you can do the "Talk To" Neeshka and she will go "I'll need to talk to you" and fire out a talk (you might get another one before it, just talk to her again), that will start with "An elf, a dwarf and a tiefling walk into an inn... that drunkard in Highcliff..." Then I want you to watch for her noticing that you are an elf when she talks about Elanee being in the party "once they are in, there is no getting rid of cocroaches... etc". Finally, I want you to watch out for any place where she might refer to you as an aasimar. If she does, I will appreciate you letting me know where.


I loaded up my file right before you get on the boat to Neverwinter from Highcliff, and when I spoke to Neeshka she said the "We need to talk" Dialogue, then we discussed the saving each other thing. I ran through all her available dialogue except the flirts and it seemed like the usual stuff. Though when I went to the "Hey Neeshka!" section, she said hey back and that was it.


So I hope the boat to neverwinter and go straight to the Flagon. The long cutscene/discussion ensued, then I went to go talk to Neeshka. She did the hey we gotta' talk, and mentioned the elf, tiefling, dwarf joke... basically everything you said to look for. I talked to her again after (Hey neeshka!), and we discussed whether we should go in the watch or not. Probably because I'm a goody two-shoes lawful good, she made a joke about wanting to go into the watch and liking the capes. I tried reloading and doing the conversation again after editing my intelligence down to 4, and choosing the "I don't get it" responses, she made a jab at me not being able to read and I think speaking slower next time? So yeah, that one works too.


I ran through quite a few of the different paths in dialogue already, and she has made no mention of me being anything other than an elf.


However, after the "You know what?! If there's going to be any saving going on.." dialogue, there is an extra [continue] option after all of the first ones. (Like it says 1, continue, 2, continue) These seem to have no affect on the conversation, just a little bug I thought should be mentioned.



And, if you decide to do a full run from meeting her to Nevewinter, just chat with her once in a while, you will see more talks coming up.


I'm off tomorrow, so I'll see if I can do a playthrough from the beginning up to neverwinter done to see the other talks if you please. Any requests on race/class / things I should look for?


Hope this helps..


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That's great, thank you! I will check with the continue thing, a wrong check for sure there.


I don't think there was anything super-important to check as in the post-Duncan convo, but keep an eye out for elven-specific remarks and references to your alignment, so they don't sound spectaculary out of place (i.e. Neeshka calling a CE character a paragon of virtue, or something!)

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Hi, I have a palladin who has already just met Duncan, a wild elf druid not to far away, and a drow bard but I can also make a tiefling male and play it through farley quikly I think if you are intrested?

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Heya, if you can make a tiefling, please let me know. I can send you the whole package and you can check all the convos from meeting Neeshka onwards.

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I have already made one (a tiefling that is) so go on and send it to me:)

I am still right at the begining. I was waiting for an answer. Yesterday my internet connection was almost non existent so I had real trouble just replying to youre post. But today its working better:)

I will get on with playing right now while waiting for you to send it to me:)

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