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The dreaded progress request


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O.o Testing is rather close to releasing if things go right, correct? I hope everything works to your satisfaction :undecided:


That's the plan. Also finished the interjections today. So now in terms of content, it's just what my testers point out as "you know what's missing here...?"


Oh and I also gave Emberwolf a poke yesterday and she's keen to finish the voicing :hm:

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Just wanted to ask how the testing is coming along?


Been on hold for the last few weeks with marking 160 mock exam papers and then segueing nicely into school inspectors visiting. Very little free time for me. Will hopefully ease up in the next few weeks :cringe:

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Yay! Here's to things easing up soon. Yeah, TOB is a pain for modders for whatever reason, but it's so nice to actually have the story/romance finished. Tyris is awesome and I'm only sorry I never said so before. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out with her.

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Heya just to say really loving the tyris mod so far, great work on it ^^


Past by forums to check if she would still be around for ToB and am delighted to hear it's being worked on :)

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