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Planescape Torment Chitin.Key

Guest Johnny

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Guest Johnny

Hello Everybody,


I have a problem with installing the widescreen mod....


Error locating resource for 'COPY'

Resource 'guiw10.chu" not found in KEY file [./chitin.key]



I tried it on Windows XP and 7, without the Programm Files Folder etc....


Could someone upload a correct chitin.key anywhere for me? Or just send it to: johnny.kicks@googlemail.com


Thanks for help!

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I've been having this problem as well, on two different installations, one from gog.com, and the 2CD version I borrowed from a friend.
Have you installed the game fully in a game folder that cannot be in any way translated as "Program Files" on your native language or the English... and you are using the latest version of this mod... you'll notice the installer is called the "widescreen-v2.60.exe", right?
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