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Hezebel encounter

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Well now I know for certain that its the one that has the lowest influence that defends you against Hezebel not the other way around. I always thought that it was the one with the highest influence before. I got a bit suspicious before when I played Casavirs romance and I had more influence with him and still it was Bishop who defended me. And now I am playing the Bishops romance and I have higher influence with Bishop and Its Casavir who steps in:)

Well don`t know if this has bugged anyone else but I liked to share it anyway. :)

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This one isn't based on influence, it's based on charisma. If your KC has a higher charisma, it's Bishop who defends you. If it's lower, it's Casavir. We're not making any changes to that, so it's original game behavior.

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Well I know that its original game behavior:)

The carsima score needs to be low (below 13 I think) just to trigger that dialog from Hezebel if you have high carisma then it doesn`t trigger. I gotten both to defend me with the same carisma score so it has to be influence. Well the thing is most walkthroughs out there say that its the one with the higher influence who defends you when its actually the other way around:)

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I don't remember. If I can find my NWN2 disk, I'll look it up later.


Well don`t trouble your self over it. I was kind of thrilled that I finally figured it out, because it kind of bugged me before when I was playing the Casavir romance and it was Bishop who defended me even though Casavir had the higher influence, it was kind of annoying because when romancing Casavir I wanted him to speak up:)

And just now the reverse thing happened.


I think I may have discussed this before with you when it happened with Casavir, and you where the one who actually got me thinking that it could be the one with the lower influence who defends you since you get a lot of influence points from that dialog, and that maybe they did that so that you got a last chance to pick up some points (with the one you had a low score with) since its kind of late in the game.

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Its one of the more interesting "romance dialogs" in the original game content so you kind of want to get it right and with the right person:)


Well first its kind of tricky of them to hide it behind a fail charisma check and then they mess everything up:) Usually you get additional dialogs from successes also not from fails.


So since its a fail maybe its meant to mess things up:)

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