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Gavin for BG2 now available


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Need a cleric? Dawnbringer Gavin of Lathander is willing to help you out. Perhaps you met before, during your quest to overcome the iron crisis and defeat Sarevok, or perhaps you've never met before. Either way, Gavin is ready to lend his faith and his weapon to your cause. Gavin banters extensively with your BioWare party, will attempt to befriend every protagonist, and will be interested in romancing a non-assassin female protagonist whose wisdom and charisma are both 8 or better. If your protagonist is male, Gavin has a short SoA romance arc with Imoen.


Mod by berelinde


Gavin for BG2 is intended for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET. Ships with WeiDU, and is available for your Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux operating system.


Relevant links:

Q: Where is he?

A: He's in the Temple of Ilmater on the roof of the Copper Coronet in the Slums


Q: When do the talks start?

A: Once you have completed his family quest and recruit him again.


Q: Can I continue the romance from BG1?

A: Sure. Since you would have wound up engaged at the end of BG1, you would have had to meet his romance criteria for that game.

  • Good-aligned female
  • Not an assassin, a bounty hunter, or a necromancer
  • Wisdom of 10 or better, charisma of 12 or better
If you are starting a new game and want to go this route, you will find a ring behind the trapped painting in Irenicus' dungeon. You might recognize it. If you aren't starting a new game, if you couldn't get the painting open, or whatever, you can also call him "love" in his joining dialogue.


Q: Can I start a new romance in BG2?

A: Yes. If your PC didn't meet the romance criteria for BG1 (neutral alignment, for example), you won't ever find a ring or be given any opportunity to call him "love," so you'll be starting a new romance automatically. Even if your PC does meet the criteria for BG1, you can always opt to start fresh by not recognizing the ring and by not calling him "love" in the joining dialogue. If you recognize the ring but acknowledge that you broke off the engagement, you'll also be able to start a new romance in BG2.


Q: If I start a new romance, will I be able to get him to commit before Spellhold?

A: Yes. If you treat him well, he'll propose sometime after the 14th talk.


Q: How many fingers does he have?

A: He'll have ten by default, but he might have nine, depending on your responses during the ring dialogue. If you go that route, though, you're going to start the game engaged.


Q: Hey, I just want a cleric. Can we still be friends?

A: Gavin has an extensive friendship track. You'll still get most of the talks, if you like chatty NPCs. If you don't just tell him to be quiet. If your PC is male and if you knew him in BG1, he will have a short romance with Imoen that will continue in ToB... when I do ToB.


Q: So... no ToB content, then.

A: Not right now, but I'll do it when I can.


Q: Do I need ToB to play the mod?

A: No.


Q: Does he have any custom items or other goodies?

A: Yes and no. He won't have any custom items initially, but there is a gnome in Waukeen's Promenade that sells gifts for Gavin and for all of your BioWare companions. They aren't free, but each has some nice features. These gifts are tailored to the specific NPC, but once purchased, they can be used by the PC or by any other NPC who might be able to use them.


Q: What's the maturity level of the romance?

A: By default, the romance might be considered "teen content." Once you've sorted out Gavin's family quest, had your first real talk, and established where you stand with each other, Gavin will initiate a highly suggestive flirt. Your response to that flirt will enable or disable mature content. If you don't want to wait for it, or if you change your mind later, you can enable or disable mature content through Gavin's player-initiated dialogue.


Q: Gavin told me that he doesn't want me to raise him, but but he got snuffed by Tarnor the Hatchetman. Am I really expected to play with a dead guy in the party?

A: Gavin is the first to admit that mortals cannot comprehend the will of the gods. When in doubt, talk to the authorities. In this case, High Mornmaster Arval in the Temple of Lathander will be able to offer you relevant advice.


Q: I've got party members who really, really don't like working for thieves, but I know how Gavin feels about the undead. Will he be able to put his prejudice aside?

A: He won't like it, but he understands that you have to do what you have to do. He won't leave the party over it.


Q: How does he get along with NPC X?

A: Nobody gets along with everyone all the time, and even friends squabble sometimes. There are only two conflicts that might result in Gavin leaving the party, and both of these are avoidable.


Q: How will Gavin get along with my evil PC?

A: He's done a lot of growing up since BG1, and he's come to realize that rejecting people because of their upbringing is not the way to help them. He'll try to befriend an evil PC, and he'll try to redeem him or her. That said, there comes a time in the game where each NPC is asked to support the PC. If the evil PC has managed to offend and alienate Gavin, he will have given up hope, so he's going to leave. If you're romancing Gavin, he won't commit unless you agree to redemption. This will change your alignment.


Q: So, he gets pushy, does he?

A: A bit. He's a cleric of Lathander. He's got to try. You're free to rebuke his efforts, of course. As long as you treat him right and don't offend him too greatly, he'll stay.


Q: I've got other questions...

A: Ask away.

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Kudos on the release!!! And thank you for the nod in the readme, but in truth.... *you're* the one who truly, truly rocks! Thank you for all the effort you put in bringing this wonderful, endearing Lathander priest to life!

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Guest Crazee

Congratulations on the release! I plan on playing through BG1 with Gavin one more time before I give him a whirl in SoA, but I am thoroughly excited. Thanks for all your hard work.

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Squeee!!! This made my whole day!!!! Now the issue of "Do I start a new BG game right this instant" or "Wait 'til the new computer arrives..." Decisions, decisions.


Thank you ever so much for this wonderful NPC, Berelinde! I love your mods, and look forward to this one with great anticipation!

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And we're already up to v2. Some dumb modder can't count, and didn't realize that action 339 comes after action 320, and therefore is only a valid action in ToB games.


If you've got ToB on your machine and if you've already got v1 installed, don't bother updating. If you have SoA only, you want v2. It's uploaded now.

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Gavin for BG2 is now up to version 4. Apparently my custom of using EXTEND_BOTTOM wherever possible was causing some difficulties on a mega-install. Another script was blocking it.

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