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BG2: Problems and bug reports


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Heya! :suspect:


I noticed that the files - bgav_s2.wav and bg_blank.wav aren't present in my game. This had happened before but I ignored it thinking it's some installing glitch, but it happened again ...


Dunno if they're not being oggdec'ed or if they're just not being moved to the override :)


Here's my WeiDU.log, BWP Debug.txt and GAVIN_BG2.DEBUG ...


Debug files

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Hmm, yes. It's because I'm using a check file for BG2 that exists in BG1, so the sounds that are unique to BG2 aren't getting converted. I'll have to use a different check file. Nothing horrible will happen. I'll correct it next time I version up.

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Also: Miranda and Lanie play a part in Rahul Kanakia's Potion Quest from Ding0's Quest Pack. This precludes one of the possible quest resolutions in that mod but doesn't cause dialogue errors. It's not exactly possible to rework either mod for mutual compatibility, and I don't know if it's significant enough to warrant being mentioned in the readme.

Turns out I recall wrongly, that quest puts the mother&son in the Bridge district, and thus there's no compatibility problem.


After rescuing Gavin's vampirized body in CH6, High Dawnmaster Arval should give his opinion on whether or not you should attempt to raise him (like HDA does if Gavin meets a 'normal' death).



Web site problem: in the NPCs drop down menu, Gavin for BG2 is available from the website proper and from the various mod pages, but not from the forum.

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After rescuing Gavin's vampirized body in CH6, High Dawnmaster Arval should give his opinion on whether or not you should attempt to raise him (like HDA does if Gavin meets a 'normal' death).
Good point.


I'm also going to have to do something to spawn Arval in case the player did not work for the Temple of Lathander during the Eyeless quest. If you've got multi-strongholds installed, you'll get Arval if you're good aligned. If you don't have multi-strongholds or if you aren't good-aligned, you get either Ossig or somebody else. So yeah, got some adjustments to make with Arval all around. :suspect:

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I'm Good and use Multiple Strongholds, so I don't know if/how reliable the HMA creation is. Perhaps you could move his Gavin-related dialogue to Dawnmaster Kreel? DK will always be there, unless you do Talos' quests and exterminate Lathander's clergy - in which case Gavin should leave the party and attack you (if he already doesn't).

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I think there was a problem moving it to Dawnmaster Kreel, but I'll look again.


And no, he doesn't leave the party if you do the Talos quests. He really should. As in really, really should, possibly turning hostile in the process.

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Whoa! On my second run (having managed to save over my save games) and all was going very nicely.http://forums.gibberlings3.net/style_images/g31154335502/folder_editor_images/rte-align-left.png


PC is engaged to Gavin and loving him. Frequently. Anomen passed his test just before we left.


At that point PC told Anomen that he/she were just friends - PC hadn't encouraged him, honest! He winced and took it. Hadn't had a Gavin/Anomen conflict but thought maybe there hadn't been time.


Just collected Imoen in spellhold. Gavin has just walked close by and smiled encouragingly.


At which point Anomen says he notices PC is awake and that last night was wonderful. Not even after a rest!


I don't think I have any romance-all type things installed. Gavin still gives me the engaged flirts, Anomen has reverted to the "becoming more than a friend set - which went after PC did the Friendship only business.


What on earth have I done!


Kath Stonedog

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You've done nothing wrong. You've probably got IEP Banters installed, which adds Anomen's "morning after" lovetalk. This dialogue is scripted wrong, so it plays as soon as Anomen's romance variable goes to 2, not after the PC slept with Anomen. K'aeloree is aware of the problem. As to why Anomen's romance has suddenly gone to 2 after you let him down gently, are you using the "multi-romance cheat" in Gavin? If so, that's expected behavior. If not, maybe there's something in PPG's NPC Flirt Pack or BG2 Tweaks that's restarting Anomen's romance. If you use the "romance cheats" component of the latter, it will restart Anomen's romance no matter what you say to him.


In any case, you won't hurt your relationship with Gavin. You may get conflict dialogues, but there aren't any sneaky romance kills. Everything is pretty obvious.

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Guest tadmeyer

In my last two games, I have had a problem in Ust Natha with the summoning ritual. I have tracked it down to a problem that the Gavin for BG2 mod is causing. Both of these games I have been playing WITHOUT Gavin in the party.


The problem is this: When it went into the summoning ritual, Matron Ardulace went through her normal routine offering Phaere's fake eggs to the demon and got killed. The Demon says "**HOW DARE . . . RAZE THIS CITY TO ASHES!!**". Phaere should then offer Solaufein's fakes, but I get "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" from the demon. I had no options but just to leave and move on and leave the city.


I uninstalled the mod and the ritual works correctly. I reinstalled in mod and once again the ritual has the same problem.

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