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BG2: Problems and bug reports


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If you mean the BG2 Patch, then yeppers I have that.

And nope, I don't have ToB. I didn't think I needed it for the fact that in the read me it says:

"This mod is designed to work with Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack"


So, I'm hoping that's not it. :)

Oh and so far the Kelsey and Kivan mods work just fine.

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Gavin will install on an SoA-only installation, but it requires a full installation, not "minimal" or "recommended." I'm away from home, using my sister's computer with no modding software, so I am unable to investigate anything, but is it possible that you do not have a full installation?

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Gavin will install on an SoA-only installation, but it requires a full installation, not "minimal" or "recommended." I'm away from home, using my sister's computer with no modding software, so I am unable to investigate anything, but is it possible that you do not have a full installation?




First off, thanks for getting back with me. And while I'm not 100% sure I can say I did a full install, I'm about 80% sure I did so (I think I might have installed the game like a year ago, so my memory is a little fuzzy). Anyway, the reason I'm pretty sure I did a full install is because the BG2 disc are pretty old and sorta scratched up. I'm now afraid that they're pretty fragile and I didn't want to keep switching back and forth between disc, so I probably went for a full install.


The only time it'll ask for a disc is when I first start up the game, after that it won't ask me for a disc. But now I can't remember if 'Recommended install' even asks for any disc when entering a new area while playing the game?


Anyway, the matter could be simple, or it could be complicated.

Though I'm normally not one to give up so easily and just throw in the towel, I'm also just not in the mood to have to reinstall or download something just to make it work. Again, it could be a number of problems (Seeing how this isn't one of the best laptops in the world, the laptop in itself could be the problem :) ). And I seem to be the only one having this problem. So, I'm just going to leave it alone and not have you stress over this.


I'll probably just change Anomen's picture, download the flirt pack and call it a day. Anyway, thanks again for getting back with me. :)

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I didn't get any saved games in gmail. Can I assume that the problem was solved?


As for installation, I test every version on a basic "full" patched BG2 installation, so I know it installs without tricks. If you are getting error messages because something is not appearing in some ids file, it is because something else on your particular installation is changing your ids files. It happens. Back in the old days, the only way to change an ids file was to overwrite it, so it is possible that other mods have affected installation.


The important thing to take away from this is that all issues are fixable. I just need to know what they are so that we can find a workaround.

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This seems likely to be a result of faulty mod installation on my part, but I wanted to comment that during the family conversation in the Temple District, the first two spots where the PC can say/do anything had the responses coming from Talon Thondar rather than myself. However, once Miranda makes her exit, the replies shifted back to my PC as normal.


Also, during the talk about visitation, one of the replies:

PC: Is this rigid visitation schedule, or can we postpone it when we need to?


My brain may not be interpreting this correctly, but it sounds like it should read "a rigid visitation schedule" instead.


Enjoying the mod, what little I've been able to play of it so far! :)

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Still merrily playing along; found a few typos:


Camping Fun

Gavin: Is this where we're going to camp?

(Gavin places his bedroll besides yours...)

(...blanket between this teeth...)


Song Time

*PC sings a courtly ballad*

Gavin: (He looks wisful.)


Let's Dance!

Gavin: (....minor inconvenience compared the the mayhem...)


Fun Indoors

PC: Oh, no you don't! No rest for you until I'm satified, too!


Kissing Gavin (Flirt)

Gavin: (...He holds you quietly for several moments, then lets you go with kiss to your forehead.)

Missing an "a" in there.



I must say, I'm really enjoying the mod and all the little surprises along the way; was not expecting a comment on Biff the Understudy (aww), and I choked on my soda upon seeing certain potential PC responses to a Gavin-fail of epic proportions and to the talk about the mirror!


Also my response to the explicit content thus far is best summarized as: Buh. :)

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The worst part about including mature content in mods is seeing the typo reports. :)


Thanks, though! Will get this stuff fixed.


Wow, I don't even remember this stuff anymore. It's odd how you can look at something a year later and think "Who wrote this? I don't remember writing this."

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To MiLeah's problem: To me, that sounds like a problem with a non-extended SoA action.ids and can be easily solved by adding

APPEND ~ACTION.IDS~ ~160 ApplySpellRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
		 UNLESS ~160 ApplySpellRES(S:RES\*,O:Target)~

to the mod's tp2.

I believe you if you say you installed it an an SoA only game but maybe there are copies where the action.ids needs this extention, I included it to Ajantis as well.

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Guest MiLeah

Before I go into my problem, I'd like to say: Thank you, thank you, thank you Berelinde for taking the time out to make such a fine man mod! I REALLY wanted to test out Gavin (This feeling occurred after months of downloading a couple of other male romance mods and finding out they're just not my type at all). So, I reinstalled him and now he works! I have him on my team and I'm enjoying him so far for the fact that I don't have to keep him on the back of my team, he doesn't use up all my healing potions and healing spells, he doesn't insult me every time I click on him, he's not an over-the-top drama king, he doesn't act like my kid brother, he can hold his own in battle, and he acts like he's old enough to romance my character without me feeling like he's old enough to be my dad, very nice! :laugh:


However, it seems I have to be a bummer, again. I've been skimming through these forums (again) and I see that when you reinstall him some issues will sometimes occur(?). I think I just ran into one of them. My game crashes after the Miranda and Lanie conversation. The first time it crashed I just thought it was my BG2 game just acting up (Because it's crashed on me before a couple of times and this was before I downloaded and installed Gavin), but when I reloaded the game and tried it again, the same thing happened. So, Gavin will have his conversation with his family, he'll then leave my team to enroll Lanie in school, then it'll teleport me and my team near the Temple District exit and that's when it crashes.


Is there anyway to fix this? I'd be over the top appreciative to go back to romancing this fine gentleman again.


Thanks for your time, yet sorry for the bother.

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What version are you using?


If worse comes to worst, I might be able to repair your saved game, but he has some complicated scripts. If they're bugging out now, there's a possibility that even a repaired game might malfunction later.


For some reason, newer computers really don't like to run IE games, especially on installations that use a lot of mods. They crash a lot. Still, if your crash is reproducible, it is worth investigating, and if it crashes after a specific mod conversation, something is going wrong there.


I just got through reinstalling the operating system on my computer because a virus did too much damage to repair, and as a result, I don't even have the game installed at the moment, but we can still get your game back on track. What I would do would be open up your saved game, manually set the variables to a point past the crash, and email it back to you with a summary of the dialogue you missed. Trying to set it up so the missed dialogue actually plays is likely to simply repeat the crash.


Anyway, I would not be able to work on it until the weekend. Let me know if you want to try it and I'll PM you my contact info. post my contact info later on, when I'm not at work.

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Guest MiLeah

(About Pming) Ugh, I know, I used to have a username a long time ago, but I either forgot my password or my account got deleted, I'm not sure. :laugh: And, I don't know, I just didn't feel like signing up again.


Anywho, so sorry to hear about your computer and that nasty sounding virus. Hopefully with your OS reinstalled you'll be able to get things back on track!


Oh, I'm using V20 of Gavin. This computer is quite old, just to let you know. It's so old, I'm told it doesn't have a 3D accelerator and does have some graphic issues in the game, but runs fine for the most part.


Also, I didn't make it very far in my game, and was actually thinking of starting over since I messed up. So, it's no big deal to me if I have to start over again. If I restarted the game, would that work? Or perhaps, reinstall Gavin, and then restart a new game? Or would you still have to look at the save game to find out the problem?


And maybe this may or may not help, but maybe he's conflicting with a mod I've installed, and perhaps you might have heard of this conflict before, so I just thought to throw this out there just in case this might be a known conflict to you. Anyway, I've got:





-Dungeon Be Gone

-Shadows Over Soubar


Thanks for you speedy reply!

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I don't see anything in your modlist that would conflict with BG2 Gavin, but I don't know the inner workings of Faren or SoS. If you were going to start a new game, I would advise starting with a new installation. As in get yourself a clean installation, which you can read about here. Once you have your clean patched installation in place, you could add your mods and start fresh knowing that nothing bad will happen.


If you want to skip that and just carry on with your game, you can ZIP the relevant saved game folder (both the SAV and GAM files!) and send them to my screen name, berelinde, at (@) gmail dot com. But like I said, I won't have a chance to look at any gaming-related things until the weekend. It's a rough week at work.

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