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BG1: Problems and bug reports


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Once the variable has set to 10, you should just be able to walk up to him and initiate dialogue as if you were flirting with him. That will start the talk. If it doesn't start the talk, we need to consider the possibility that something bad happened to your installation at some point.


It's OK, nobody understands this stuff until somebody explains it. :)


So, now that the variable is set at 10, just walk up to him and left-click on him. He should say the right line immediately.

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I don't really know wether it is a problem or not, but Gavin often fires his "there is something entirely compelling about you" dialogue. I've still get other dialogues however, so just curious if it was intended.


Thanks for Gavin, how's Gavin ToB faring?



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If you're still getting other dialogues, don't sweat it. That may actually be a flirt you're getting over and over. It has been a while, so I'm no longer certain. If you wanted, I could look it up, but if there isn't any interferance with other dialogues, it might be easier to just click through it and ignore it.


ToB Gavin is out. If you're on the romance path, the beta works fine. The dialogues in the very beginning of ToB need to be spaced out better, but everything fires when it's supposed to and all the encounters and cutscenes work properly. If you are on the friendship path, the beta works far less well. Due to a rather heinous oversight on my part, Gavin tries to romance everyone... regardless of gender or previous romantic experience. Whoops! It's fixed locally, but between work and an upcoming move, I simply have not been able to update. So, if you are going to play Gavin's ToB romance, go for it, but if you want the friendship path, it might be better to hold off a while.

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I think you're right about the flirt, nothing wrong there, just a shy Gavin :)


I go for the romance. That's my plan anyway :) Thanks for all the efforts giving us Gavin in both BG1+2+the Throne.


Moving can be both good and frustrating. We also is about to move within a month or so.



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Another miniscule typo... Jaheira digs up Gavin's past, then at the end of it asks the pc:


"I can. [CHARNAME]...""


The huge quotation mark actually shows up in the dialogue.



Another one, to "I share you enthusiasm for drawing." and Gavin replies with


"Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing at it. [...]"


I think there's a "you" missing in there? "Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing you at it. [...]"


And you can answer


"Uusally, it's landscapes" which should be "Usually"

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EDIT: you know what, I think this is my install and not Gavin. details below...


Now, this bug may entirely be generated my own megamod install. So if you want to see a Weidu log or consider this to not even be a real problem, that's fine by me, just say ;-)


In the case that it's not, however, here's the report: in one of the early romance talks, Gavin asks about your childhood. You can give him a slew of answers, one of which is:


"There isn't much to tell. I grew up in Candlekeep. I cannot imagine a more boring place. Nothing but dusty books and boring old men." (@133)


The dialogue is duplicated in my answer choices as both option #4 and option #5. I didn't bother taking either one so I can't report further than that, though.


Actually, on further testing, I did PiD Gaving about 10 times in a row to see if anything weird happened. It did; at one time, the choice to ask Gavin how he was doing duplicated. The next couple of times, no problem and no duplication at all. I guess something in the overall install is causing his dialogue choices to get duplicated every once in a while. That means you can probably just ignore this whole report unless someone else was having similar issues in a non-mega-modded game.

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This one is really a typo. Gavin says


"My parents names are Darlos and Evie."


Parents is possessive to names though, so "My parents' names are Darlos and Evie."


Later in that conversation he says, "Once, when I was home for a visit in between assignments," It reads oddly to me, but I think "in between" is an actual adverb. Usually as an adjective it is written as a hyphenated word : "in-between". But in this sentence it would not read so oddly to me if it just lost the "in" completely : "a visit between assignments" which meaningwise works just as well. Not really a typo at all, though, technically...


again later describing one of his siblings in the same dialogue chain Gavin says "temperment" which is not a word, I think you meant "temperament"


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