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BG1: Problems and bug reports


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Uh... yeah. Especially with "temperament." I didn't learn how to spell that word until earlier this year. True story.


Anyway, I've got a fever at the moment and don't have the sense to stay off the internet, so nothing in your post is making alot of sense to me. I'm sure it's making sense to other people... anyone else reading it, in fact... and will make a lot more sense to me once the antibiotics kick in, but right now, I'll just have to take your word for it.


I will promise you that I will comb this thread before I version up and look into each and every one of these, even if you think it's related to a possibly unstable mega.

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Yeah, technically there's nothing wrong with "in between", but years of living in Germany may have skewed my language perspective. It was more of a "huh, that doesn't sound like Gavin's 'accent' to me" kind of reaction than a spelling or grammar error. Nothing needing a "fix" though.


Also get well soon. :-)

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On dialogue duplication: It's not Gavin's fault there. PiD with Safana resulted in the same type of dialogue duplication problems that Gavin was having.


One thing that did happen which is *probably* not Gavin's fault: He began a flirt with the PC, and the only thing that popped up was a "NO VALID STRING RESPONSE" choice, which exited out of the flirt. He then began another flirt right afterwards that was fine. Again, I think this is probably my mega install, not Gavin, just FYI.

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So I noticed a misspelling in the Valeria quest, but I had exited the dialogue screen and lost it. While looking for it in the english .tra files for the line, I found a couple of other things too. These may have been mentioned before, I didn't trawl this thread first...


b!quest.tra, @47

Gavin, we haven't time for any side-trips, and I cannot excuse your absense right now.

> absence


b!quest.tra, @101

As for <CHARNAME> and the rest of the party, you have performed a most valuable service for this town, and it is my pleasure and priviledge to reward you accordingly.

> privilege




b!quest.tra, the line above @104

She had been unsuccessfully attempting to extract the happiness of her victims and distill it into an elixer that would somehow fill the emptiness in her own life.

> elixir




b!bertra.tra, @0

You have to talk to the buttler if you want any help.

> butler


b!gustav.tra, @34

You speak of the lower classes as if you were born to priviledge, but I am quite sure that if that were the case, you would not be answering the door for a rich woman who thinks far too highly of herself for her own good.

> privilege


b!gustav.tra, @35

In fact, I beleive that you know a great deal about them.

> believe


b!valer.tra, @51

By combining these in correct proportions, it should be possible to distill the essence of happiness into an elixer.

> elixir


b!valer.tra, @74

That does present some interesting possiblities.

> possibilities


bb!gavin.tra, @26

Adherance to the discipline of Helm has carried many of the faithful through difficult times.

> Adherence


bb!gavin.tra, @175

Allow me to respond in kind: how goes your search for a woman who finds your endless plattitudes remotely attractive?

> platitudes


bb!gaving.tra, @247

In fact, I believe I am required by my faith to oppose some of thier more radical teachings.

> their


bb!gavin.tra, @350

You still really believe in the inherrent goodness of people, don't you?

> inherent


bb!gavin.tra, @377

After hearing lie upon lie and eduring disappointment after disappointment, I could bear it no longer.

> enduring


bb!gavin.tra, @383

I spoke in anger, and I appologize.

> apologize


bb!gavin.tra, @387

But now that you know the most painful part of my past, I hope you can fogive my reluctance to announce it right away.

> forgive


bb!gaving.tra, @407

Ah, I'll not troble meself o'er a few less nobs, but how's a dwarf ta get by when he can't guarantee safe delivery o' goods?

> trouble


bb!gavin.tra, @413

*geturing at Gavin's helmet*

> gesturing


bb!gavin.tra, @422

But you and she have very different temperments.

> temperaments


bb!gavin.tra, @424

I do not queston *why* you adventure.

> question


bb!gavin.tra, @518

But not everyone can be born with a nicely bulbous olefactory organ.

> olfactory


bb!gavin.tra, @562

but I can get one in forest green__slubbed silk

(double space)


bb!gavin.tra, @573

You lack wisdom, cleric, if you fail to see the magnificance of Tiax! But today, Tiax is feeling benevolent. He will forgive this trangression. Fall on your knees before the mercy of Tiax!

> magnificence

> transgression


bb!gavin.tra, @591

When Tiax rules, slaves shall fight over the priviledge of cooking his meals!

> privilege


bb!gavin.tra, @600

Would *you* ever forsee possible peace between humans and the drow?

> foresee


bb!gavin.tra, @619

I do appologize, Viconia.

> apologize


bb!gavin.tra, @639

Reconcilliation between elves and men is unlikely.

> reconciliation


bb!gavin.tra, @646

Smile, Gavin! It surpresses the gag reflex.

> suppresses


bb!gavin.tra, @669

An' I must say, 'tis good to be travelin'

> British or American english? (one or two L's in "traveling" or "travelling" > until now all instances are with two L's

Edited by Enkida
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Ah, why the hell not do more :p


b!addtalks.tra, @83

Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing at it. What sujbects do you prefer?

> subjects


b!addtalks.tra, @85


> usually, mentioned in previous post


b!addtalks.tra, @227

You mean you aren't talking about my sauve self-assurance and celestial good looks?

> suave


b!addtalks.tra, @269

The inclination to travel is too hard to supress, I suppose.

> suppress

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Oh, gods, typos and spelling mistakes abound! You'd never know that this mod has been out for... five years. And it has been through proofreading on more than one occasion.


Le sigh.


Anyway, no ETA on an update, I'm afraid. I want to do one, especially now that I've seen the typo list, but RL is too hectic to make promises like that. Rest assured that when I do make the update, all of these typos will be fixed. thanks for including file and line number refs for everything. It will make things much easier to fix. :D

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No problem, but just so you know I didn't check all the english files. I haven't finished with Gavin yet so i only checked through dialogue already seen in my game. oh, and the Valeria quest battle cry and Gavin's short banditry exclaimation files, those were all ok though. FYI!

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Gavin sometimes fires off breakfast talks at the wrong time of day after resting. It has happened a couple of times but I actually noted it specifically this time around: the breakfast talk fired right after resting, and the game time was 1am in the morning. The environment had the "total darkness of night" lighting as well.


(btw, great mod so far :) )

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