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BG1: Problems and bug reports


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I don't remember this happening when I used Gavin a couple years ago on EasyTutu.


Running BGT have both BG1 Gavin and BG2 SoA Gavin installed. Selected the recommended 1 hr timer between talks. My party is around level 3 & 4. Finished up the Nashkel mines and due to being too nice, Xzar and Monty left the party. So back to Beregost I trudge to resolve UB's addition to the liquid used on the ore and while there I pick up a joinable NPC from some other mod and Gavin. The other npc is decidedly silent so far. But Gavin as soon as I picked him up he's been non-stop talking. In fact it was so bad, I had to pause the game to actually level him up and sort out gear. I think I've had three talks with PC and 1 talk with Jaheira inside of 10 minutes if you count the time it took for me to read and decide which option to go with.


Is he just trying to 'catch up' since I picked him up way later after having spoken to him the first time I passed thru the area?


Should I do a change-log on any particular files to see if anything else has adversely affected him. A glance at his script doesn't seem to reveal anything amiss...


EDIT: he's slowed down a bit on the talking. Compared to the Bioware NPCs modified by BG1 NPC mod, Gavin is still quite the talker. Maybe that's cause he likes to preach :p He does constantly apologize for that to my PC ^^

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It could be that several talks stacked. I'll take a look at spacing. Putting area checks on the chapter talks may help, since you probably got at least two of those in a row.


Don't worry about a change log. I know some of the code is screwy. It's important to remember that when I wrote this thing, I had very, very little modding experience. There were a lot of things that I would have done differently both from a coding and a writing standpoint. I keep thinking that I'll go back and revise and maybe streamline the scripting, but then I get distracted by something shiny and good intentions go out the window.

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I keep thinking that I'll go back and revise and maybe streamline the scripting, but then I get distracted by something shiny and good intentions go out the window.
I so understand... I've been meaning to take a look at Finch and fix her up and make a "Finch Redux" mod that's got all the reported bugs fixed and is friendly to install on BGT as well as Tutu. But there is this half-orc who keeps brandishing a shiny weapon and redirecting my attentions to the BG Fixpack and lately something to do with Xvarts..... :D
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I wanted to install the Romance component of Gavin BG1 and got this error message:


Installing [Gavin: Romanze (Inhaltlich gereift)] [v8]

BGT Installation gefunden.
Copying and patching 1 file ...
loading 1 tra file
Checking for required files ...

Wählen sie die Ablaufgeschwindigkeit der Gespräche:

Es stehen folgende Varianten zu der Wahl:
[1] 1 Stunde Echtzeit (Standard) Minimum zwischen Amouren
[2] 45 Minuten Echtzeit Minimum zwischen Liebesgeschnatter
[3] 30 minütige Pause Minimum zwischen Liebesdialogen
[4] viertelstündliches express Geturtel
[5] 1 Stunde 30 Minuten (erweitert) Pausen zwischen den Flirts

Bitte eine Zahl zwischen 1 und 5 wählen und mit der Entertaste übernehmen.
Appending to files ...

[4] viertelstündliches express Geturtel
Copying 1 file ...
Compiling 1 dialogue file ...
Compiling 1 dialogue file ...
ERROR: No translation provided for @141
ERROR: parsing [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/GAVIN/Romance/RomanceDLG/GavinNPCRomBanters.d]: Not_found
ERROR: compiling [GAVIN/Romance/RomanceDLG/GavinNPCRomBanters.d]!
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [Gavin: Romanze (Inhaltlich gereift)], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall  24 files for [GAVIN/GAVIN.TP2] component 1.
Uninstalled     24 files for [GAVIN/GAVIN.TP2] component 1.
ERROR: Not_found
PLEASE email the file SETUP-GAVIN.DEBUG to berelinde@gmail.com, www.gibberlings3.net
Automatically Skipping [Gavin: Romanze (Inhaltlich gereift)] because of error.
Using Language [German]
[dialog.tlk] created, 133059 string entries
[dialogf.tlk] created, 133059 string entries

SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED      Gavin NPC für Tutu oder BGT, 14.April 2008

NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Gavin: Romanze (Inhaltlich gereift)

It happened right in the middle of a Big World Install.

Nice weekend!

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Considering that Gavin v8 has not been translated into German that I know of, you are working with a pirated copy of the mod. I am sorry, but I am unable to support unofficial versions. As you can see, I have no control over the quality or completeness of the pirated version.


About the only thing I can tell you to do is to download the official copy and move the missing file to the appropriate location. install that instead. On further reflection, I have no idea what other bugs are lurking in the pirated copy.


Do you have a link to the place where you downloaded the German version?

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Ok, I get it. What you call a "pirated version" is actually part of the BiG World Textpack, and it isn't "pirated" at all cause it just patches the download from here with the german translations. I assume the problem is just that they were made for an earlier version (about v7), so now there are some strings missing. Sorry, I should have checked the files myself before bothering you.

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Nope, it is an unauthorized patch. As in: I did not have any knowledge of it, no one asked me if it was okay to upload files of it anywhere, and I have not tested it to make sure that it doesn't break the mod. Which it did.


Prior to your report, I had no idea that the Big World Text Pack existed. Now that I do know it exists, my opinion of it has not changed.


No mod strings have changed since version 3 which was released in 2007.


It may sound as if I am being unreasonable to the people on the Big World Project and to the international community. I would very much like to make the German translation available to players, but I would like it to be part of the existing package and available to anyone who downloads the mod, not just those who are playing with a third party hack pack. Would it be ethical for me to download the thing myself and include it in the mod without the translator's permission? No. Likewise, I don't consider it ethical to make significant changes to mod structure without informing the author and obtaining permission first.


I'm pretty easygoing about modding the mod. I have already said that I have no objection to other mods including content for my mods (banters, reactions, interjections, a gay/bi variation on the romance, etc). My only caveat is that if it's going to change any existing code, let me know. They did not.


Nobody likes being asked to fix things they didn't break.

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I simply adore Gavin, I first installed him in BG2 choosing the committed path. I loved the character so much we re-installed BG1 and BGT so I could get the whole story

Gavin is a wonderful addition to the game.


I am uncertain if this is a BGT problem or if I have a corrupted file or a bug.


I am having major script problems: Gavins’ dialogue sets to ”multig.dlg” after seeing the spiders ( they scared the script out of him ) it was a dialogue loop “ why do you waste my time with senseless banter”


My amazing spouse repaired this by playing with your script









This fixed the dialogue loop, but he still reverts to “multig.dlg” when loading a saved game, or if he goes to the temple to get his quest rejoins the party.


Also, sadly this maybe affecting the romance path, she has meet all of his stat requirements & now has a 20 REP, but alas no love talks past him staring at her, & and about to say something but forgets what he is going to say. All of his quests have been completed but no camping talks, no drunken banters, ect.

He will occasionally, but briefly hold her hand or blush if she touches his face, but nothing more. She does chat him up every chance she gets, but alas she still has the standard 1st flirts as well.


Any suggestions on how this can be fixed?


I do not want to give up because he was so awesome in BG2.




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If the dialogue is set to the wrong file, you aren't going to get any dialogue from him. I'm going to have to investigate this issue, but I will do it immediately and get back to you soon. Of course, in my case, "immediately" means when I get home from work... which may take a day or two.


Would you mind sending me a saved game? If nothing else, I can repair the save and email it back to you. If you open your game directory, you will find a file called "Save". Inside that file, you will see individual save file folders. Find the one with the latest time-stamp, put it in a ZIP or RAR archive, and send it to me at my screen name at gmail dot com.

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@17 = ~As a paladin, I am obligated to do my utmost to ensure the welfare of all, yours, Gavin's... and his daughter's. I apologize if I my candor offends you. I only wished to draw your attention to the responsibilty Gavin bears and to the possible inconveniences those repsonsibilities may impose on a relationship.~


"I apologize if I my candor offends you." - I think there's an "I" too many.


@24 = ~Thank you for hearing me out. Naturally, you must choose your own course, yet I could not have kept quiet in this matter. Having voiced my concerns, however, I will not mention it again..~
Either remove or add a dot at the end? Edited by jastey
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@42 = ~You new friends count, too. It's good to have friends near.~
I think it should be "Your new friends"


@208 = ~Lanie's education was the one matter about which both her mother and I agreed. Lanie is a bright girl, and is beginning to show signs of magical ability, even at her young age. It is important that she learn to control her abilities now. This is probably just the bitterness talking, but Lanie's mother was not willing to make the sacrifices involved in raising money to pay for Lanie's education. So here I am.~
learns, I think. Edited by jastey
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Not sure if this is a bug, or just an oversight, and I'm not entirely sure this is actually related to gavin, but a cursory Googling seems to indicate it is (if Google is a dirty liar, I appologize)


So, it seems that I have stumbled across the very end of Gavin's personal quest, without having actually recruited Gavin at all. I ended up wandering into a house in Beregost, as I do quite enjoy just barging into people's houses and taking their stuff. In this house, I faced a really tough encounter with a cleric who summoned three waves of skeletons, and three (what I assumed to be) fighters.


Then, I went to the top level, and a woman named Valeria began talking to me about missing villagers, and I was very, very confused.


SO, yeah, if this really is the end of Gavin's personal quest, and I'm not supposed to be here, that's kind of an issue.

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