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BG1: Problems and bug reports


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I apologize that I don't have the time to read through the previous pages at the moment to see if this has been brought up already, but I noticed not for the first time that if you end the Gavin romance part way ie you accept Ajantis' proposal, all his friendship talks trigger all over again. Meaning he probably told me about his family problems three times, each time like it would be news to me.

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Gavin keeps talking to me and saying hello there and some romantic sounding music plays. After that the dialog ends. He'll then say it again a few seconds later, forever. The music play each time he says it, overlapping one another, so eventually it's just a mess of the music playing 20 times at once. He won't stop! I can't figure out what's wrong!

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First of all, which mod and which version are you playing? On which platform?


What you're describing sounds like a script loop. If you're playing BG1 Gavin, the mod has been stable for years, so any script loops would be caused by either a corrupted download or by a reinstallation scrambling the scripts. In either case, the solution is to uninstall the mod, download a fresh copy, and install it again. If that doesn't work, and it may not, I can walk you through a fix, but try installing a new copy first.


If it's BG2 Gavin, the non-beta version has been stable for a good long time, so the cause and the cure are probably the same. If you're using the beta version and if you're in ToB, there may be some unresolved issues.

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Hi! I've got problem with Gavin first quest and after searching here and there I figure out that the reason was wrong value in Messenger1. I don't know if it is just my game or it is bug in general but I'll place here my saved game so you can check this out in your free time. (Yes, first I've though that this could be Kivan fault, but haven't. When I change value at messenger everything worked fine with Bassilus quest). Here are Weidu.log and saved game:





Despite that I really enjoy your mod, most interesting character to interact with and very well written. I just wonder what happened with someone idea about making him avaliable for man, as well, from other topic. Do you know anything about it? It will make this character complete with such a option, although his maybe even more perfect as a friend.(But still, having that romance options is tempting. Eh. ;) )

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Hi berelinde,

not really a bug, but in the setup.tra, line @3 reads:

@3 = ~Gavin NPC for Tutu and BGT, 14April2008~

The date seems to be a leftover.?


Another one in the setup.tra:

@104 = ~placeholder_value~

I suggest re-moving this back into the setup.tp2, as it soesn't need to be translated. Edited by jastey
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I ran in to a weird one with Gavin while testing RE. I gently broke up with him via PID, because I didn't want to break up with him by committing to another guy (that seemed rude). So I did, and his PID changed to the normal non-romanced PID. Yet suddenly I got another flirt (the dawn one), and then soon after I got another romance dialog (the next on the list- not the starting one), and the PID switched back to the romantic one. I broke up with him again via PID, and that time it seemed to stick and he started with his friendship dialog, but it was odd.

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Another typo:


In b!gavin.tra (remove a "to"):


@48 = ~Lathander is the god of Dawn in the physical, symbolic, and spiritual sense. He is the god of spring and renewal, but also of creativity and self-improvement. His disciples venerate the dawn, but they also foster peace and harmony between the peoples of Faerun. The Morning Lord is often invoked to bless births and creative ventures. Evil and the undead are an abomination to to Lathander.~

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In b!gavinj.d, I guess there is a mistake:



/* possible and desirable */
CHAIN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d
++ @730 EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1a
++ @731 EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b
++ @732 DO ~IncrementGlobal("B!GavinLove","GLOBAL",1)~ EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1c
++ @733 EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1d
++ @734 EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1e

CHAIN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1a //possible and desirable - doesn't want to talk about it

CHAIN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b //possible and desirable - people should do as they're told
++ @737 EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b1
++ @738 EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b
++ @739 EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b3
++ @740 EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b4
++ @741 EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b5

CHAIN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b1

CHAIN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b2
++ @744 DO ~IncrementGlobal("B!GavinOffend","GLOBAL",2)~ EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b2a
++ @745 DO ~IncrementGlobal("B!GavinOffend","GLOBAL",1)~ EXTERN ~B!GAVINJ~ BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b2b

I guess the code in red should be BGavinFriendtalk4.1d1b2

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This may be a bug for the BGT install.


Imoen has two possible BCS files sitting in my Override folder. One, BGIMOEN.BCS, has a lot of code that I know has been firing (girdle discussions etc.). The other, BGIMOEN2.BCS just has some script to initiate dialogue with Gavin - something about a finger?


I never got to any fingers (?!) in the romance, but if people have been having trouble getting Imoen to talk about them, that might be why.

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