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BG1: Problems and bug reports


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argent77: Good to know.


Yes, i's usually safer to do one reply option with conditions an one with the opposite, to be on the safe side.


For Gavin, the text goes (these are no quotes): PC is elf: "You will live much longer than I do, I'll die before you'll even notice time went by." PC is human/halfling/halforc: "Your lifespan is about the same as mine." PC is half-elf, gnome, dwarf: "You'll live decades longer than me."


That is what I meant with I don't know how to cover a race I don't know. Because I don't know the life-span. And the whole dialogue goes on about this. I am clueless what to assume here as a general thing for the mod-added races. Same life-span? Longer?

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No idea. Best you start an own topic in the General Mod forum. It is a very interesting question, for players as well as modders.

Thank you very much for the report! Next version will address this.


argent77: not a bad idea. I'll have to ponder about this some more.

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My gut (built from testing and searching hundreds of mods while testing weidu for The Bigg) says lots of mods expect player1 to be one of the original .ids races; only a very few have widespread use within any given mod, and very few actually create "completely screened by race" situations like this where you would run into a dead-end.. I will take a look through the archives with a notepad++ search this weekend ( rebuilding the archive with updated mods and extracting some of these and organizing them takes a bit of time) I can tell you that Kivan, Xan, Aran Whitehand, Gavin, ( I think Haldimir) and several other mods have discussions that are only available to Elves/Half Elves, but that most mods only have "scenery" or byplay that is conditioned by race. I think Jastey's Ajantis does, too, she could tell you more definitively :)

Time to figure out what happens when you compile a race setting that does not exist yet in the game.... you can get away with DVs, because I do and have tested it extensively - but investigating Kits, it was a dialog-breaking deal to call on a kit that was not installed (thread in Aran Whitehand forums).


And that adds *another* thing to do before my release - check for these and add "race not found" condition, check for "class not found" condition, write two "final epilogue choice" dialogues, package. I love the extensibility and freedom EE gives us, but that law of unintended consequences is kicking by butt!



EDit: WAIT - big problem. Subrace mod just completely kicks the crap out of any match checks for romances. Bleh.


So how did the romance start in the first place? Was it added after Gavin did his check for a match for romance?

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Jastey, I took a stab at "coding around this" here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/666870/#Comment_666870


using one of your "engaged match blocks" from C#Ajantis ToB (edited) to demonstrate some difficulties coding around the problem in the first place.


I may play with it for fun, but I don't have romances screened by race - and it is installl order dependent - and - yuck. You can't have nested OR statements, so we can't just OUTER_SPRINT our way out of it. Anything in a .baf that says


has to be broken off into duplicat eblocks, because Race just became a multiple condition statement -


      OUTER_SPRINT player1human ~OR(8) Race(Player1,1) Race(Player1,50) Race(Player1,51) Race(Player1,52)Race(Player1,53)  Race(Player1,54)  Race(Player1,55)  Race(Player1,56) ~
      OUTER_SPRINT player1human ~Race(Player1,1)~
I don't klnow if the engine will pick up the "readable" designations that mod uses or not - conventional format is either HALFORC or HALF_ELF, and these have spaces in between the words. So just the number seems safest.


sample of the APPEND to race.ids (humans) :


~50 Aasimar~ UNLESS ~^50~

~51 Deep Imaskari~ UNLESS ~^51~

~52 Firesoul Genasi~ UNLESS ~^52~

~53 Earthsoul Genasi~ UNLESS ~^53~

~54 Stormsoul Genasi~ UNLESS ~^54~

~55 Watersoul Genasi~ UNLESS ~^55~

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I decided to use additional reply options for ~!Race(Player1,HUMAN) !Race(Player1,ELF) !Race(Player1,HALF_ELF) !Race(Player1,HALFLING) !Race(Player1,DWARF) !Race(Player1,GNOME) !Race(Player1,HALFORC)~ assuming similar lifespan for the PC and Gavin. I know this is not perfect but considering all the subraces from the subrace mod would be a lot of work.

If the subrace mod gets more popular this can still be done in later versions.


cmorgan: Thank you for your input (sorry for the late reply). If Beamdog introduces subraces, maybe it would be possible they make the triggers Race(Player1,HUMAN) etc. still work. Otherwise, it would eat the existing game-triggers, too, and I don't think BeamDog would want to rework all of those.

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Sadly, it seems that Gavin's parents aren't spawning in Ulgoth's Beard. I'm playing Baldur's Gate EE Trilogy, so it's probably a mod conflict somewhere. Is there a way to spawn them...? (I went digging through the files, but I'm not finding the correct code.)

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EDIT: the problem goes a bit deeper than I thought.

The code would be "B!EVIE" for the mother and "B!DARLOS" for the father, but I think they do not get installed for BG:EE.


This will be fixed for v10.

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v10 is up.

Changes are:

  • Corrected kit.ids patching using *[ %TAB%]
  • Tagged ids patches for non-EE games only
  • Integrated compatibility fix for BG Graphics Overhaul from BWP Fixpack
  • Deleted unused b!stats.tph from mod folder
  • Added cover-all-other-races to BGavLT14 (b!gavinlovetalks.d) in case the BG:EE subrace mod (or similar) is installed. This assumes equal lifespans for PC and Gavin.
  • Fixed "endless curing by engagement ring" exploit
  • Set flag 22 for b!Gavin.cre (I hope)
  • (BG:EE) fixed missing spawn of Gavin's parents
  • Optimized tra handling to prevent doubled "setup.tra"s
  • Fix unlocking of Door1007 in AR1000 (Ulgoth's Beard)
  • Moved icons into folder "install"
  • Update to WeiDU v240
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OK, that was quick. v11 is up. Changes are:

  • Removed default portrait from the "Alternate Portrait" component (is already installed by the main component).
  • Removed portraits with unclear Copyright status and expanded the Credits and Copyright Information section in the readme.
  • Fixed missing tp2 lines for German version
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Gavin's not installing at all. I have Tutu and Enhanced Edition. He installed to Tutu just fine, but when I try to install him to EE, I get a bunch of error messages after his .wav files install. It looks like it's having trouble finding some files in my EE folder. I tried hopping back to v10 and then v9, but those were both a no go too, so I'm assuming it's an issue on my end. My EE folder is a fresh installation tho, so I don't know what the problem could be.

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... but when I try to install him to EE, I get a bunch of error messages after his .wav files install. ...

Open the setup-xxx.debug file with Notepad and copy paste the error messages and a reasonable amount of other lines, so we can determine what's going on... you did a clean out of the game folder between trying to install the versions so the game folder didn't contain the old mod files... and you of course have to uninstall the previous Gavin mod if it's installed ... aka it shows up in the weidu.log file you can also open with Notepad.
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