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How read the chitin. key ?

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I'm asking how DLTCEP do in order to read chitin.key. We work on a tool which should be allowed to edit some speficific data on all kind of files. And It is easier for us if we could understand how DLTCEP process.


Maybe someone could indicate us which part of code is concerned ? Or at least, in theory : I would like to know which idea which concept allow to DLTCEP to read chitin.key ?

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If you have not read IESDP yet, do so.


In DLTCEP, chitemDlg::scan_chitin reads the chitin stuff.

Its pretty straightforward:

1. open file, read header, check if it is really a chitin.key (KEY)

2. read the bif names

3. read the file entries into separate lists based on filetype. The lists are separate for performance reasons only


The only weird thing is the handling of desound.bif which is apparently special.

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