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Question about conditions re Casavir's Flirts

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Hi --


I am replaying Casavir's Romance yet again (it's soooo yummy!). I am curious, however, if some flirts are conditional. For example, I recall the first time I played through, Casavir offered to become my squire. Soon after that, I was able to ask Casavir for a backrub or something to that effect... For my current playthrough, Casavir has become my squire again but I have not received an option for extra goodies. I am pretty confident that for each playthrough my character was chaotic good.


Am I misremembering the flirts with wishful thinking?


Any light shed on this would be much obliged. Thanks!

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Some of the better flirts are Act 3 only, so if you aren't there yet, you won't get them. I'll have to check when I get to the machine that's got the toolset on it later today.


So sorry, I should have been clear -- I am in Act 3 and the flirts have escalated. However, I thought there was an option in which the KC may ask Casavir for a rub... It's not really, important, Berelinde. I was just curious why I didn't get that flirt option this time.

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I think you have to ask him if he's still interested in serving as your aide and then tell him you've got something for him to do. I know it's there, just don't remember where. I'll be on that computer later on, so I can doublecheck.

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