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A Why not? to consider for modders of NPC romances: Prior to Edwin's Romance and RE being released, I rarely included any stock NPCs in a party. Anomen, Aerie or Viconia are included only when I want to see a specific romance conflict play itself out, after it does they usually get "killed" by single-handedly fighting a dragon or something like that. As for Jaheria, she rarely gets out of the beginning area cage. For those of us who choose not to include annoying stock NPCs, there is very little in the way of romance conflicts, (ie: male NPCs vs Anomen or female NPCs vs Jaheria, Aerie or Viconia). And no, one or two conversations with the PC or simply cutting the romance off with a variable does not qualify as a romance conflict. I do install Crossmod, since it adds a few banters, but even it is nothing to the level of what is added if stock NPCs are in the party. Every released NPC mod has been tried, at some point, but most non-evil parties usually end up being a combination of any the following, depending on PC gender: Gavin, Angelo, Sarah, Tsujatha, Tashia, Fade, Xan, Kelsey, Amber and Sola after Underdark. Kivan would be a viable addition if the SoA portion was not just a repeat of content from BG1NPCs. But, Aran Whitehand sounds like it could be in the list of "The Best Non-Stock NPC Romances" with Gavin, Angelo and Xan. Anyway, will there ever be a comparable level of SoA banters/romance conflicts between non-stock NPCs, (if NO stock NPCs are in the player's party)?

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Well, once Aran Whitehand is out, you may rest assured that there will be abundant Aran/Gavin romance conflict material in the Crossmod Banter Pack. There's a bit written already, in fact, as well as a few I_C_T3s (longer interjections between Aran and Gavin that take both NPCs' presence into account). Both cmorgan and I love whole-party interactions, so you can bet we won't waste any opportunity to fan those jealous fires into a nice blaze.

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Among non-canonical mod-added NPC's, there is a difficulty in creating romance conflicts after-the-fact. To be blunt, many of the writers have retired from modding. And one of the toughest things to do is to write lines someone else's character, and not come off as "attacking" the original modder, or misrepresenting them.


I know it is silly to assign more weight to other modders then to BioWare characters; we all write in new lines for Anomen for the conflict, etc. But traditionally, cross - mod stuff like this has been worked on with the original authors doing their characters, so that the author can check. After all, what if Berelinde and I had a tiff, and got all prickly, and started writing things like this:


cmorgan's fictional entry:

[ARAN] Aye, you be a right large fool. An' you smell like dung, too.

[GAVIN] Yessir yessir oh master i love your feet i am such a newb noob I teh suxxor... oops, I just dropped my trousers again. Sorry.

[ARAN] Bane's Bones, kick this sorry excuse for an NPC out of the party or I will kill him now. Wait... I'll just kill him....

DO ~Kill("b!gavin2")~ EXIT


berelinde's fictional entry:

[GAVIN] Look at Whitehand. There he goes, wandering away with all our food... does he realize he is dribbling it all down his front?

++ [PC] I know. We should just leave him here. + burden

++ [PC] I don't know. He is sort of cute, in an imbecilic drooling kind of way. + burden

++ [PC] Who is Whitehand? Oh, you mean the boring long-winded idiot that has some sort of speech impediment? + burden

++ [PC] You can ignore him and kiss me, you know. + burden



[GAVIN] I suppose it is part of Ilmater's Burden that we have to put up with him. But I think he may be under the influence of a Feeblemind spell. Certainly, his writer is.

[ARAN] Aye, verily, th' thiong be what I can't speake on account o' my writer be th' bikgekstst jackass known to th' e.i. err... i.e. comunity. Commmmunyty. Comunityy. You know, th' bigh group o' peiople what get together an' share mods. That guy. But what was I be sayin'? On account o' i can't rightly just say one thing without typin' out a paragraph in response, an' then inflictin' it on the palyer by changing in and out of unrecognizeable accents... an' we won't even start wi' th' typos...

[GAVIN] Oh dear. Multiple Feeblemind spells. We'd better cut off his head.


Hopefully, given fourth-wall breaking obvious garbage like that, you as a player would retaliate by yanking both mods out of your install and never playing them again. But the point is we don't have to go that far. Any time we create lines for another modder's NPC, we run the risk of accidentally sideswiping them.


Now, for some mods and some modder combinations, things can happen pretty easily. And there are some retired modders who are ok with new materials being created; I have some materials for Saerileth/Aran talks that I am still tinkering with which will go up sometime relatively soon, and then it is a matter of contacting Sillara and seeing if I can get official approval. But even if there is not official approval, if I am respectful of the original mod, she has indicated that she is open to new additions. I am anticipating posting some materials and leaving them up there for a month or so and trying to contact the original authors for an "official ok". (And since folks who play the mod like the mod, why would I want to be disrespectful to what they like? That would be pretty darned stupid, from a storytelling standpoint - I am not likely to waste my time on a storyline no one will play unless I am desperately in love with it myself! So even in a romance conflict, there is a tough line to walk. It might be easier for real writers, but I am not convinced - no published works I have read in the past few years seems to handle conflict without taking sides. And there are * always * at least two sides to every conflict, usually with merits and demerits on each side.)



I am not saying it isn't a good idea, and I am not saying that it is impossible to do. I am just saying why there isn't a lot in there other than Tsjuatha having some jealousy talks because of the above challenges.

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