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Kivan romance in ToB

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I checked the content thread for Kivan's ToB talks, but since I've been having issues getting the ToB portion of the mod to install, I'm kind of confused. The kivan setup file says that the ToB portion installed, and I got the "prophets, portents, dreams" talk from him, but that talk is listed under the "friendships" section of the ToB content in the thread, and my KivanRomanceActive variable is only set to 1. I declared my love for him in the end of SoA and he gave me the "Why would you choose someone like me?" speech, so I'm pretty sure I should be on the romance path for ToB. I just want to make sure. What is my KivanRomanceActive variable supposed to be at the beginning of ToB? And what is the first love talk that is supposed to show up, and when?

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