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Not compatible with TOB-Only game?

Guest JeroenS

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Guest JeroenS

As a way to actually play with Sarevok and Iylos for once (Getting too attached to the PCs in my party otherwise) I started a ToB only game. To my surprise and (mild) disappointment, the items that were supposed to randomize in ToB didn't show up at all. They were removed from the areas, but never got added to any.


I don't mind not having the items randomized in ToB, as I installed the mod to make the changes to my fuller playthroughs, but having them disappear entirely is going a bit far.


Is this something I did wrong? Is there anything that can be done about it? I can't imagine what I could've done wrong here.


It's not a big trouble for me now anyway, I'll survive and can probably cheat the items in I really want, but I might not be the only one using this option and it can be annoying.

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Oh. No, Mode 1 wouldn't be compatible with a ToB-only game (Mode 2 is compatible). I didn't think people still did that. Silly of me, I suppose. I'll add a fix for this to version 4.


You can enable the console, use the console commands







and wait a minute or so. You should find random items everywhere you are meant to, except for on creatures you've already killed.

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Guest JeroenS

Yeah, sorry, it was Mode 1. I can't say ToB-only is my usual mode of play. It just happened to be something I was trying on an install I'm playing a few games on.


I spawned the creatures and that seems to have solved it going forward. Thank you very much for that. Love the mod, and this helps even more, I'm looking forward to the surprise finds that will follow. Very useful electric flail head in Kiser Jherai's house... Anyway, it's been making my runthroughs a bit more surprising and enjoyable.

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