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ARE error, WMAP update


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ARE (BG1):


The labels for the resrefs for areas located to the East and West of the current area are swapped. The proper order should be North, East, South, West, in clockwise order. This can be verified by looking at AR2700, for instance, and seeing that AR2600, Candlekeep, is being shown as the area east of AR2700, when it is actually to the west according to the world map graphic. AR3300 (Beregost) is another example.


Since NI is based on a lot of IESDP data, it also has these resref labels swapped.


Interestingly, the order of links in the WMAP file is North, West, South, East, and appears to be correct that way.



WMAP (BG1, BG2, possibly others):


The variable in the WMAP Area Link Entry, offset 0x0024, is apparently the number of four-hour time segments it takes to travel to the destination map.


For examples, the links from AR2626 to AR2700 and from AR2700 back to AR2626 both have this value set to 1. Multiplied by 4 gives the 4 hours it takes to travel back and forth from Candlekeep to the Candlekeep Coastway area. The link from AR2700 (Candlekeep Coastway) to AR3200 (High Hedge) has a value of 2, which multiplied by 4 gives the 8 hours it takes to travel between these two maps. A value of zero, of course, causes no time to pass during travel. This is used for the Beregost connection to the area south and to the temple to the east, and the many segments of Athkatla in BG2.


So, take the travel time you see in NI, for instance, and multiply by 4 to get the actual travel time.


I'm not sure about the "flags" at 0x0028, but the value is always 1, 2, 4 or 8. If set to zero the game will crash when attempting to display the world map graphic during destination selection.

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