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Why is Gavin insisting I am clicking on him?


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Well I downloaded Gavin and for the past few days I've been playing the game and unfortunately he kinda bored me at first. Then I went in Shadow Keeper and changed my alignment from neutral to good, so now he's more interesting. Then all of a sudden his music would start playing over the regular music and he would continually INSIST that I clicked on him. By that I mean every five to seven seconds his dialogue box of PC initiated flirts would pop up. The first time this happened I merely reintalled him, which worked until I got to his third quest from the temple...specifically after you fight Bertram. I tried reinstalling but that did not work. Then I played from an earlier save that ran fine until I fought Bertram. I removed him from the party it kept happening then I tried going to a diffrent area (upstairs) and in the ensuing fight he, oddly enough, said absolutely nothing till it was over because Gavin did 25 damage in one hit.


By the amount of interupters in my previous sentences you can tell I am frustrated, yes? I really want to play Gavin, but I have absolutely no clue what I have done to incur this... :suspect:

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I'm guessing that it's got something to do with changing your alignment with Shadow Keeper and reinstalling a bunch of times. It's probably fixable, but it might take a bit of troubleshooting.


He's stuttering because there's some kind of script loop going on, but without knowing where you are in the game or in the romance, I can't narrow it down. If you open up your game directory, you'll see a "save" folder. Inside that, you'll find subfolders with your various saved games in them. Pick the one you want me to troubleshoot, put it in some kind of an archive (ZIP or RAR), and email it to me at my screen name at gmail.com.


There's a definitive way to find out exactly which script block is misfiring, but it involves a bit of effort on your part, so I'd rather see if I can find the problem before I ask you to do that. :suspect:

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OK, checked out your saved game. It looks like Gavin is about to make a fool of himself in public. This is actually talk 9.


You should be able to get this talk just by resting at an inn, but if something is wrong with your script for whatever reason, you can get the talk by manually changing B!GavinLovetalk to 18 and force-talking him.


You can change the variable using the console by pausing the game, opening the console and typing in




Hit enter twice, unpause the game, and force-talk him.


You could probably also just update the variable in ShadowKeeper, but I don't really advocate using it if you can use the console instead.


Since you reported issues with LT5 as well, which also occurs at an inn, I'm thinking that there may be something in your game that is preventing area recognition. This might be related to the reinstallation issues I mentioned in the email.


I hope this helps you get back on track. :suspect:

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