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Minsc and his Dejemma

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Hello, I'm currently playing a runthrough in BG2 as a female sorceress (as far as the game dialogues see me - I'm actually playing a gay male through the magic of SK, but that's a whole different topic).


I find myself wishing that Minsc would bond with me as his witch for his dejemma.


I know that in the vanilla game, Minsc will bond with Aerie if they both stay in the party long enough.


Was there ever anything written that would get Minsc to bond with a female PC? (not romance, just bond in a warder-Aes Sedai kind of thing, which seems to have been the idea from fiction that inspired the whole dejemma story, bless R. Jordan, may he RIP)


I wish somebody would write a mod if this idea doesn't exist in the game.


Also, I've never had Minsc and Aerie together long enough to see if there's any further reference to their relationship in the game after the initial bonding. Would someone please go ahead and "spoil" me by telling me what happens between the two of them, if anything.



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The Interaction Expansion Project at Spellhold Studios elaborates somewhat on the Minsc/Aerie relationship. Granted, it's not canon, but the way Aerie is portrayed there, she views Minsc as a friend and traveling companion. Minsc is just a temporary protector, although he does care a great deal for her well-being and respect her as a "witch." But once Aerie becomes more confident in ToB, she seems to view Minsc almost as a child.


Minsc as the PC's protector has been used in fanfic, I believe--In the Cards/Cards Reshuffled comes to mind. And Minsc/Aerie would be quite cute :suspect:

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If I recall correctly, when Aerie is not in the party, Minsc will adopt Nalia as his witch. Nothing so far in any mod for the PC though.
If I recall correctly, when Aerie is not in the party, Minsc will adopt Nalia as his witch. Nothing so far in any mod for the PC though.


I've heard this before, but I've never seen it happen in-game, and I've never been able to find any dialogue to support it. Can anyone confirm this?

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Technically i think the dajemma is a rite of passage where Rashemi lads wander outside their homeland.


Lo and behold, the internets agree!


The most common reason for adventuring among the Rashemi is the coming-of-age ritual known as the dajemma. Rashemi youth are encouraged (required, in the case of males in Rashemen itself) to go on a yearlong journey to see the world, after which they are accorded the status of adults. Naturally, some fall into a life of adventuring during such a trip, although most eventually return home to settle down. The Witches of Rashemen have their own reasons for setting out in to the world, including the recovery of ancient magics hidden across Faerun and the effort to oppose the machinations of the Red Wizards of Thay.


Of course, a dajemma could very well coincide with accompanying a Witch. To me it seems "adopting" a witch seems more particular to Minsc than the Rashemi.

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I know I have had it happen in a few of my games, but now that you aqsked for a confirmation, I've tried to look it up in the dialogues, but I couldn't find anything. Very strange... I'm guessing that it is hidden either really well, of it is incorporated in some mod that I have used in the past (but those rarely went beyond EOU and fixpacks). I am hoping someone else can definitively give an answer to this.

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