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"Galteran has nothing to say to you"

Guest Razhal

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Guest Razhal

I was just visiting random houses in Beregost. As soon as I enter the one Galteran's in, Gavin tells me he used to live there (as if referencing to a dialogue we already had - but I'm pretty sure we did not.). So I try to speak with Galteran, but the game only reacts with 'Galteran has nothing to say to you'.



I know he plays some role in the mod - is it just that I haven't triggered the right point in Gavin's plot for Galteran to have some kind of dialogue? Or have I messed up my install for the hundredth time? :-)



Cheers and thanks for the great mod, I've already had a lot of fun with Gavin, even though we just started our journey.

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