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Hidden travel points & animations in an area ?


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In a mod area, I want to hide a portal. After the revelation, the portal would be an animation with a travel point on that spot. Is there a more elegant way of realizing this than by using two different .are, one without and one with the portal animation and the travel trigger? Since the animation is about 4 sec long, placing it not in the are but in a script would block that script for other things, or do I miss something?

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AmbientActivate() and TriggerActivation() should work if you just want to change the on/off state of the two objects (the animation and the travel point). There should also be a ToB action to allow you to change the active sequence of the animation if you needed to (say you had a seksi "open the portal" anim and then wanted to switch to the loop), but then you have to handle the timing yourself.


You should probably also have sound for your portal, and there's an action for toggling an ARE sound object too.


To tell you true, if I was all like, "Hey, I want something like the Five Flagons basement!" I'd have probably checked out the Five Flagons basement first... :p

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For BG/TotSC? Without Tutu, I'm not sure what you can do if TriggerActivation() doesn't work. Maybe set up a trap (a prox trigger instead of travel) that will actually fire up a LeaveAreaLua() cutscene for the party only under the right conditions instead of doing the normal area trans.


But the animation probably won't be as easy (anims more than torch fire in BG were mostly tile overlays, so I don't think they have any actions to control the ARE anim objects). If it's a custom area with a portal graphic there, maybe just have it always on and use an info point (like the portals in Irenicus' dungeon)?

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TriggerActivation() seem to work (at least it exists in the game), although I am not sure it isn't introduced by TotSC. I have to see concerning the animation - there are animations, though, for example "CHIMSMK.BAM". I hope it's not something like "not bigger than one tile set" or something.


I think I will go with creating two .are, it's the safest way (especially since then I can include an info point where the portal will appear.)

Thank you!


EDIT: The animation (as a BAM) shows fine in BG&TotSC. Phew!

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