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Refinements compatibility

Tonton Fred

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I have a similar question to this poster, in that I would like to convert Viconia and Branwen to Shar and Tempus, without affecting other characters.


However, I also want to install Refinements (this will be a BWP install).


I see in the Refinements readme that those two kits are compatible since v2. On the other hand, DR's readme warns that HLA tables are incompatible between the two...


Am I correct in thinking that installing those kits before Ref, they would work except for HLA, which would not follow DR's sphere system ? Would there be other side effects ?


Second, would it be better to install DR in two steps, as suggested by Mike in the other thread ? I guess that would effectively make those kits only appear for Viconia and Branwen ?


Thanks in advance,




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If you're using BWP, you should have TobEx, which removes the limit of 9 kits displayable at character creation, so there's no reason to worry about having more than 9 (which is possible even without DR depending on your other mods).


I can't comment on how Refinements HLAs interact with this mod.

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I'm not sure what that incompatibility is about, but I think it was fixed with one of the code improvements on Refs' part.


Divine Remix HLAs are IMHO pretty uninspired (some priests get some Warrior HLAs), so you won't lose that much by installing DR and then overwriting its tables with Refinements' one.

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