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Help- Game crash


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Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums and I apologize if I haven't posted in the correct place.


I've been replaying BG2 recently, with absolutely no problems, with the followings mods:

BG2 Fixpack

BG2 Tweak Pack

Crossmod Banter Pack

and Widescreen Mod.


Yesterday when I tried to play, i got the following error:

"An Assertion failed in InfScreenLoad.cpp at line number 1428"


which happens every time, as soon as I click on the load button.

I tried creating a new character and it seems I also can't access InfScreenSave.cpp.

I have absolutely no idea what could cause this, since everything was perfectly fine for the longest of times. My only explanation might be that I unpowered my laptop suddenly by mistake once while playing, but I don't think it was while saving or loading.

Anyways If you know what I should do, please let me know, I don't feel like reinstalling the game and all your great mods.

Thanks in advance for the help, and thanks for all the work on the mods.

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This might give you a hint... so go to the game directory, open the "portraits" folder, and delete it's content(or cut it to somewhere else), and begin a new game... if that helps, also go to the game folders "save" and delete it's content so you can actually load the saves you will do after that...
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