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When going to the friendly arm inn in bg1, the ring of wizardry is not there.

After reading up it seems I should have patched after installing the expansion totsc. My bg1 is on an SD card on my pandora, and i do not have access to an installed version on a pc. Instead of reinstalling everything I wonder if there is a different option:

GemRB.CreateItem(PartyID, ItemResRef) from a console.

So my question is, how do I call up the console during a game and what is the itemresref of the ring of wizardry? In bg itself it is ring08.

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Doh sorry there, turns out I misunderstood the controls of a touch screen. When I had a character selected, paused and tapped the screen man times it finally worked. Guess the version of the complete bg collection is already patched then.

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