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Guest Edheldil

Notes on CRE format descriptions

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Guest Edheldil

Hi all,


there are several confusing things in CRE 1.0 - 1.2 format descriptions, Item Slots part. I haven't done any analysis, this is just observation.


  • CRE V1.0 Items slots description mentions 38 slots and lists them, including Selected Weapon and Selected Weapon Ability in the list. Actually, they are 39th and 40th "item slot"
  • CRE V1.1 is not mentioned at all . It's similar to CRE V1.2 with e.g. only 38 item slots. Found in PS:T, 3PLANEA.CRE
  • CRE V1.2 as far as I can see there are 46 item slots in V1.2, not 45. Plus the two Selected... "item slots" like in V1.0


I haven't checked other formats




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