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Problems with wheels of prophecy

Guest Sergio

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Guest Sergio


1- In the grove of tethir , I cannot speak with the heads, If I click on them there is the circle, but they do nothing. I founded that it was longer road fault.

2- I uninstalled longer road and I managed to speak with the heads, but now I've got another problem.

I loaded an old savegame, before facing balthasar. Knowing that I wish to play together with Irenicus from longer road, I wanted to prevent visiting again the grove of tethyr, and so I killed balthasar. Though, another problems appeared... when I kill Balthasar someone dimension door inside the temple (I guess it's Melissan) but no one pops up , and the game doesn't go further (well, it doesn't freeze or block, the game doesn't continue...it doesn't crash neither).

I hope to be understood, I'm not a native :)

Thank you for help

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