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SRv3 + BGT, and the BGII - SoA's start...

Jarno Mikkola

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As I have some bias evidence that the SoA's start might hang when the BGT and Spell Revisions v3 is installed together...

Every time I try the game from the BGII's starter, the Irenicus Bhall spawn torture happens, the golem comes out, they talk and Irenicus casts his 'Shadow Door' alike spell and the golem goes out and the Shadow Thief comes out and dies, but then the scene gets stuck, Imoen who should come out doesn't, my character stands up but as the interface is gone I can do nothing... so I have to end the game from the taskbar.

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You've got to be joking


EDIT Well, it theoretically could be possible for SR to render Dimension Door spell unusable for the cutscene, but first, it worked fine on me, and second, some action was clearly carried over after DDing.

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Well, it's very unlikely that SR would cause somethinglike that, but I've tested it just to be sure and there's absolutely no issue.


I do have "shorter non-silly cutscene" just like you, thus I'd probably exclude that too.


I don't have BGT, but I never received any report of something like that happening and SR V3 hasn't been released yesterday.


I hope some BGT player or "handler" can check it and let us know.

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