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Priest spell Chant not working

Guest Razhen3

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Guest Razhen3

I didn't know where to post this so I decided to post it here. I started a new game with BGT and I have SCS, SCS II, BG2 fixpack, and BGT Tweak v9 installed.


According to the spell description for chant, it is supposed to lower my parties THACO by 1 and lower my parties saving throws by 1. It is lowering the saving throws but it is not lowering my THACO. (I don't know any way to test it to see if it is affecting enemy THACO).


My original thought was with SCS (or II) chant just didn't stack with bless anymore. That's not the case, if I cast it by itself it still isn't giving me any THACO bonus. I checked the readme's for everything I have installed and did not see any listing for this adjustment. Is this a known bug?



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