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So. Very. Awesome.


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I got a new CD2 a few days ago, the game is working (hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!; kalooh kalay and all that), therefore I was able to play this great mod. Ad rem:


This has to be the best NPC mod I have seen in quite a long time. I believe it's main advantage is the fact that the character is very believeable and 'real'. No angsty past, no unusual ancestry, no supernatural skills, no uncommon drama. Normal flaws, normal virtues, prosaic problems. By that description, one would think Gavin might turn out uninteresting. Nine Hells no. The writing is excellent; in a class by itself. Therefore, no fancy add - ons are needed. There is also a very broad choice of PC responses (my CN roguesse was delighted to have an opportunity to jest about Gorions death; she says hi, BTW :() covering almost every conceivable matter, from pastimes of choice to faith. 'Tis something I appericate the most: many modders (not from here!:beer: )tend to be content with the standard three response options: evil, neutral, and good. In this mod, the possibilities cover an infinitely larger spectrum.


What is more: I am singing such praises even though I have not played through all the content - PC, being CN and sort - of - in - love - with - Sarevok, did not fancy Gavin :). They did flirt for some time, however... which reminds me: a fine bit of crossmoding. I was surprised to see he would react to RE.


To sum it up: once again, a great mod. Damn, this NPC is so realistic that I found myself noticing how he resembled an ex of mine. :mad:

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I concur with the OP's assessment of the mod as spot on; Gavin is a rock solid NPC mod, very believable, with none of the psychotic/implausible backgrounds and broken powerful abilities many NPC modders seem to prefer to crafting good stories with plausible characters. Two thumbs up!

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