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Return of the King(SPOILERS!)


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IMO, the movie was everything I could have hoped for. Sean Astin's role was phenominal in this movie, and to be honest he was what made the movie great for me.  The battle of Pellenor Fields and Minas Tirith was on a huge scale, and one that certainly didn't dissapoint me. There were probaly many other things worth pointing out but im having trouble rememebring every single detail myself. Time to watch it again tonite lol.


However, do some of you agree that the battle of Pellenor Fields and Minas Tirith felt a bit...rushed? To me it seemd that once the rohirrim came, Sauron's army of 200,000 suddenly dissapered . Was the bulk of the army already in the breach of the white city? I also woudn't have minded more urban combat with orcs in the city. Oh well, I've heard they cut up a portion of the battle due to time constraints, so the next thing i'm looking foward to is the Extended Edition :D Don't get me wrong though, this was one hell of a movie, and this is coming from a die hard Tolkien fan.


Anyways, what are ur guys thoughts and opinions on this last addition to last installment of one of the best movie trilogy ever made?

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I haven't seen the final movie (not that I'm worried about a spoiler, I mean, I read the books, and saw the first two, so know what to expect).


However, in various interviews, Peter Jackson did state that he wished he had more time to get more into the movie...


On another note, he also said that he wouldn't mind doing a live action rendition of the Hobbit (I think his next project is a remake of King Kong).

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Well, I only saw it a couple of hours ago, so I'm not really in the right state to comment it (I'm always a bit dizzy after watching a film, especially if it has Cate Blanchett.. err... action scenes. Yeah, that's what I was going to say...), but anyway;


My only real complaint is the missing scene with Saruman at Isengard. It's just too... well... missing, and it makes some other things seem unconvincing ("Hey, look what I found lying around. Saruman must have forgotten to take it inside after his last outdoor divination session"). For a while I thought that Sam had forgotten to take the ring from Frodo before the orcs found him, and that could have proven a bit embarrassing, but it turned out alright in the end. :D


The two battles did come a bit close to each other, so it's possible that something was left out there as well (someone at another forum said that the real film will be out next year when the extended edition is released. I wouldn't go that far, but sometimes things felt a bit rushed).


I'm not sure about the undead army, though. On one hand, it's probably a lot more cinematic to bring it to the great battle and show it kicking some orc behind than to only deal with it in a subordinate clause on page 372 like Tolkien did (don't check the number, please. I just made it up), but on the other hand, it just didn't feel right.


Otherwise, it's exactly what I expected after seeing the first two films. The scenery is still brilliant, the special effects are still ranging from good to great and Elijah Wood is still miscasted :D



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Ok, I'm a real nit picker but Why didn't Gollum burst into flames when he hit that lava? That is supposed to be the nastiest Volcano in middle earth! It just looked really fake so it bugged me.


I also missed the part with Saruman. And the destruction of the shire. Sure they had no time to put it in, but it was always one of the most poniant parts of the book for me.


Did anyone spot Peter Jackson in this one? I saw him in the first two but didn't catch him this time.

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There is (apparently) gonna be a 7 minute Saruman scene in the Extended Version of RotK.  However, the Scouring of the Shire was never shot so it won't be included. However I can see why it wasn't included (from one point of view) as it would take quite a bit of time to show.  This does mean that Saruman might be killed by Grima in this 7 minute scene.  They definately did shoot a shot of Saruman impaled on a spike of the Tower of Orthanc.  My guess is that Saruman pisses Grima off (as he does in the Scouring) and then Grima will push Saruman over the balcony.  


There is a link to this picture below, I have no included it as an image incase people are avoiding the spoilers in this post.


Click me...


Also, the Houses of Healing were shot and will be included in the Extended Edition!


Click me...


I have no idea about the Mouth of Sauron.  It may be included in the Extended Edition, it may not.

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I thought the undead army was pretty Deus ex Machina.  I mean, here it is, the suspense, oh man we're all gonna die.  Oh wait, here come all the ghosts, everything dies, hooray!  I was pretty disappointed.  But, on the whole, the movie was great, and I would greatly recommend it.

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