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Now why would you lock the Anvil thread in the middle of an argument?


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Especially when the thread was reaching its climax. As soon as geh4th posted, Fraudonius immediately responded on his site. Now that you've locked it, you not only make Fraudonius look right, but you dont give geh4th an opportunity to refute those statements or defend himself.




As others said, delete the guest posts that are racist, but please don't lock the topic. I have NO DOUBT some of those guests are Baronius himself planning to have the thread locked by way of spamming... which, it seems, worked perfectly as you played right into his hands. doh.gif


Please unlock it, at least for the time being, and move this post to that thread.



Anyway, the Chaucerian Fraud responds:


Update 2:


No news, they say they're still working on the problem. Besides the fact they have recently become less reliable technically, we suppose they had guessed that we plan to leave them (e.g. we only subscribed for a shorter time in order to be able to accomplish the migration, instead of the usual one-year one where we got 5% discount) and now we are not priority for them any more.


Message from Baronius, founder of BWL (this message is unrelated to the current outages):


A friend of mine sent me a link to a gibberling3 forum topic post, as a former Improved Anvil tester started writing there as well. I usually don't waste time for such threads and "talks", but in this case I make a minor exception, as it's related to a person who we trusted but eventually proved to be a simple troll in the private workrooms because of his opinion differences with Sikret. Two points:


1. "Geh4th" is writing various lies in his post, including lies about me (Baronius). The reason he posted it publicly is the frustration that he got no confirmation or agreement to his "Baronius bashing Americans" story from anyone at BWL (several BWL users reported me that he harassed them with long-winded PMs where he tries to justify his obscene and unacceptable behaviour in the Improved Anvil workroom). Now he seeks confirmation in the public for his "problem with Baronius", bringing a context-dependent and private issue to the public. Visiting psychiater might be a better choice than the g3 forum, but that is just my personal opinion.


2. There are various lies in his post, I don't intend to comment any, except "Baronius" with "slurs against Americans in general". A plain lie. Those who know me all know that I have my own opinion & criticism in certain aspects, not just about Americans but about my own nation as well. Moreover, maybe needless to say, I have several (real life and online) friends from the US. "geh4th" made a dreamworld for himself, where he lives, and only sees what he wants to see.


To be brief, "geh4th" simply didn't like that I supported Sikret in a debate (with relevant posts), he felt overwhelmed and helpless because he was unable to disprove any of my and Sikret's arguments. Eventually, he broke and had a series of outbursts against me (including obscene and very rude expressions), which discredited him in the eyes of whole Improved Anvil workroom. Then he started to make hopeless attempts to prove that everything what he wrote and did was justified. This is what you can observe now too, along with his lies. Otherwise, why would he care to write long paragraphs on a public g3 forum about a private bwl issue? Psychology, simple psychology...

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I know I vouched for closing the thread but I take it back; it suddenly got interesting and rational.


Where Sikret lives is irrelevant, and is information that should never have been released without his expressed consent. Furthermore, his religion (I've known him for several years and NEVER ONCE asked him about it) is even more irrelevant. It's none of our business. This is a GAME, people. Take your politics elsewhere.

Even though the information was available at the BWL site (not the forums), I sincerely regret now having revealed where Sikret is from. I didn't think it would lead to this racism from some ignorant posters. I agree that it is irrelevant where he lives but it shouldn't have to be a 'secret'; nobody should be ashamed of where they live (not saying that Sikret is and I doubt he is). The problem is that people is western countries have a really limited and biased view of Iran and Islam in general.

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I think the current mods can get touchy when a thread descends to "Lock this" and "Your moderation is shameful." Grow a pair already. The unjustifiable offensive content should be removed without question (posts aren't deleted because you're stupid or wrong, but neanderthals generally aren't allowed and shouldn't be encouraged to converse here), but I don't see the overwhelming need to shut down a thread because of members' inability to exercise some self-control over which threads they actively monitor.


That said, there's nothing on this topic that A) hasn't been said before and B) really truly needs saying again.


We hope that the BWL server issues are rectified soon and wish them well.

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The problem is that people is western countries have a really limited and biased view of Iran and Islam in general.

Frankly, he could've been Finnish and guests would've found a way to hurl racial slurs either way.

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They will be "rectified" as soon as you donate a paltry sum of $150. :thumbsup:
If that's the way they wish to go, then I guess it's up to the users to concur or to demand otherwise. Certainly, we would have much preferred to see BWL rejoin the larger community instead of walling themselves off, but they're free to do as they wish.
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I don't see the overwhelming need to shut down a thread because of members' inability to exercise some self-control over which threads they actively monitor.
The problem is that before Geh4th's post there was nothing to read save spam. Sure, an open thread about BWL is a good thing to have, but having it filled with tons of racist spam instead of on-topic content?
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