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Poster1: The other guy is a piece of shit, he's a fraud and his European country is a fraud.

Poster2: No the other guy is great and he wants to make money on mods and he's good I love him. You're an idiot and you're a jealous ingrate.

Poster1: You stupid scum. Your a manwhore and you chock on the cock of the the fraud guy from the European country. It's clear that you are retarded.

GuestPoster: You piece of shit, your mother is a whore. That site is awesome and you are all idiots. Country in the North America is full of stupid, fat and retarded people. Did I mention that your mother is a whore?

Poster3: I happily bought a mod and I think you are all idiots. I earn so much money that I can buy mods everyday.

Mod: The other poster is clearly retarded. He is a complete moron. Also, we have freedom of speech and it's completely okay to act like a 12 year old.

GuestPoster: Get a real life retarded morons. Only complete dumbfucks spend their time in modding communities. Decent people like me use their time to earn 10000000$ a hour.

Poster1: It's clear that the owner of the other site is a fraud and you people are choking on his cock. Actually, I see that his cum is trickling out of corner of your mouth.

The European country is shit and all it's inhabitants are subhumans.

Poster4: My mod is the best mod ever I treat it as a real work. I don't have a licence for commercial use of the IE engine, but I'm going to charge for the access so that non-elitist subhuman ingrates like you wouldn't be able to critique it.

Also, citizens of the North American country are clearly fat subhuman slugs and are completely retarded.

Guest: You are retards and cretins. You aren't geniuses unlike the owner of the other site.

Poster1: I see that you enjoy having your ass pounded by the subhuman fraud from the subhuman fraud European country.


Guest: Your mother is a whore and I pounded her ass last night.

Poster5: The guy that charges for his mods is from a Middle Easter country.

Guest: Damn middle easterns they steal our jobs!

Poster6: He said a bad thing about people from Middle Eastern countries, he made this thread, which was polite and devoid of ethnic slur offensive!

Mod: We can't tolerate ethnic slur against the Middle Eastern country, it's OFFENSIVE!

*thread locked*



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Is this supposed to be funny or something? I get it, but I really don't see the point. As I said...just let it DIE already. Improved Anvil/BWL flaming/trolling/spamming stopped being funny when the *last* thread got locked.

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