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Gavin doesn't know me


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I'm running into a weird little problem, which probably isn't a problem but I thought I would ask/tell anyhow. I have my PC reconize the ring, (him still having all fingers) and then choose the option that the engagement failed. Then when I go and talk to Gavin he doesn't reconize PC nor do I have any other option besides "Do I know you?"

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I found one issue with it that might solve your problem, but before I upload the fixed version, could you verify that your PC

  • Is female
  • Is good-aligned
  • Is not an assassin, bounty-hunter, or necromancer
  • Has a wisdom of 10 or better and a charisma of 12 or better

Because otherwise, you really should have been seeing at least two more dialogue choices.

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You know, I think I'll just fire up the game with a bunch of different PCs (some that would have met BG1 requirements, some that would not) and see what happens.


As it turns out, I've got a lot of other stuff I was meaning to fix and never did, so this is a chance to fix those as well. I've got to make up a new CRE for Gavin as well, but that can wait.


Changes for the next version will include

  • Fixed joining dialogue... again. Now PCs who broke the engagement in BG1 get more than 1 dialogue choice. (Repaired error introduced in v16)
  • Fixed Gavin's auto-heal script so that he will no longer attempt to heal an invisible or sanctuaried PC
  • Fixed Windows audio installation script so that it will install BG2 sounds on BGT installations that include BG1 Gavin
  • Any character may now create herbal concoctions
  • Minsc's belt is now usable by fighters as well as rangers
  • Replaced b!aley.* with Keldorn Romance b!aley.* to avoid installation order issues

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