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Irenicus in Hell


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So, I don't even have Improved Irenicus installed. I just have Smarter Mages. I lose in like 4 seconds, not counting time for pause and Time Stop. Here's Slayer's early moves during a typical (actual) encounter:



Protection from Magical Energy

Protection from Cold/Electricity/Fire/Elements

Spell Trap

Immune: Divination

Globe of Invulnerability

Improved Invisibility

Mirror Image

Improved Haste


Chain Contingency (Immediately)

Protection from Magical Weapons

Improved Haste (again)

Immune: Abjuration



Then I can't interrupt him because I can't even target him due to the auto-invis





Spell Sequencer!

Vanilla Haste (LOLWAT)

Fire Shield: Red/Blue

Melee Imoen! 25 damage on crit. She survived this time, though. Lucky girl. :beer:

Summon: Dark Planetar just before TIME STOP ends




I tried reading this board for advice, and the best I could find is that someone summoned Fallen Deva all around him so that he couldn't reach the party. <_< Which is illegal without BG2 Tweaks, and more than a little silly.


So. Umm. Seeing as how this is the "easy" SCS2 version of Irenicus -- how does it go?


Party is PC (Fighter Duelist), Mazzy, Valygar, Anomen, Imoen, Edwin.


I can kill two of his demons before the first Time Stop, but. Ye know. Doesn't matter.



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Haste everyone and immediately run away until his silliness wears off. Not sure if the improved ai is smart enough, but maybe you could put a resilient sphere around his target.

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Guest Guest
So, I don't even have Improved Irenicus installed. I just have Smarter Mages. I lose in like 4 seconds, not counting time for pause and Time Stop.

I say stop this foolishness and uninstall this so-called "smarter" version of AI component. It's by no means smarter, but, as you can see, just makes bosses ridiculously tough and practically untouchable. Or "run away and wait" like another guy suggests :mad:

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Well, everyone played fair up to this point. This fight is a major outlier. ^^


Running away doesn't work. Slayer is too quick. Believe me, I'm an expert at that strategy.


I may end up uninstalling it just to finish the game in a bit.

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I have just finished to beat Irenicus (SCS tactics remix) but need to forbid Irenicus to go melee while time stop (this should be set as default imo) via CluaConsole and Ctrl-y one glabrezu and one balor :mad:


But I don't play SoA with more than 3 000 000 XP


The fact to start fight spoted near irnicus is a bit boring yes. (haste and boot of rapidity are your friends)


Traps are also your friends... (but somewhat cheesy)


Like ascension, the final fight is hugely more difficult in comparaison to the rest. (a bit too much imo)

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Guest Guest_Loz_*

Its a tough fight but pretty satisfying when you beat it. The main problems in this fight are the huge amount of damage irenicus puts out during his time stops and the fact that he also regenerates extremely quickly meaning you pretty much have to have your whole party focusing him to take him down.


The strategy I found most effective was the following:


1) Have one mage(the main character in my case) lure irenicus into a sort of one on one - do this buy pulling everyone back, preferably with the demons in tow and leaving the mage at the top next to irenicus. You have time to do this as he will be buffing and then casting time stop. Make sure that mage manages to get protection from magic weapons up before his time stop goes into effect. He will then be unable to harm him, nor remove it during time stop. Make sure noone else can be seen by him. I think he has two time stops so you may have to repeat this process twice.


2) In the meantime the rest of your party should be dispatching his demons, the balors can be quite a pain due to the fire shield and vorpal strikes but the glabrezus drop pretty fast. Try and summon a planetar to help you with this task if you have it. You may have to have your mage continue to distract irenicus during this time depending how long your party takes to dispatch these demons.


3)Once you have done this, use your mages to remove all irenicus' defenses. He's a fully buffed mage so you will need spell thrust then true sight to remove the spell immunities/invisibility followed by spellstrike(khelbens if you don't have it)then breach to get rid of the rest. Then just focus him down with attacks and spells. Although he can still put out alot of damage, he will be quite weak and slow with no buffs so if you get to this point it shouldn't be TOO hard.


If you aren't able to execute the protection from magic weapons strategy that I outlined you may have to just sacrifice one(the least important) character to his time stops. Also be careful as he likes to focus your main character, so be sure to get him back quickly. Basically the fight revolves around surviving the time stops, but if you can dispatch his demons you can outnumber and overwhelm him.


I noticed you have Imoen and Edwin in your party so you should have enough arcane power for this fight. Good luck and don't give up!

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Ack, that looks like it might've worked. I had people talking about how I need WK equipment, so I uninstalled bits of SCS2, killed him easily, then reinstalled it for TOB. ^^;


I'm on Yaga Shura now. I'll play through everything with an Evil character after this, though, so I'll be in a position to try again. :mad:

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