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Divine Remix/Unfinished Business


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I'm about to begin a second playthrough of Tutu and then BG2, but I have to have the kits between the two games match-up so there's no shenanigans when I import a hypothetical fancy deity'd Cleric into BG2 (as happened due to Mur'Neth only being a BG1 kit; screwed up the kit assignment in BG2).


Kinda makes you wish you'd done BGT a little but ye know.


Anyway, my concern is that if I install UB to Tutu and BG2, it might add an extra ranger mod in the latter case and get everything off by 1 kit. Which is a huge pain, etc.


Side-question -- will my headaches about this kind of thing totally go away if I just buckle down and uninstall everything and install BGT? Cuz I sorta wanna a little, even though I apparently can't use Mur'Neth that way.

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IIRC, Mur'Neth is BGT-compatible. But you WILL miss out on Finch, who is awesome in every possible way. UB does not install the Feralan or Justifier kit unless you tell it to do so. Er...maybe install Mur'Neth after Divine Remix? Or would that mess up his kit?


If you do install BGT, you're probably best off using the Big World Setup, which installs a ton of mods so they are (theoretically) compatible. Unfortunately, the most you can do to customize your install is pick individual mods - not components.

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