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Need suggestion for my next game


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Hello everybody! I am actually playing NWN2 (and after that, the MoB is waiting on my shelf!) and I LOVE IT! It was since BG2 that I was been searching for a game like this. So I would like to ask you a suggestion for my next game.

What I am searching:

obviously an RPG with tons of NPC interactions. I love having many NPCs among which I can choose my party, love to hear them speak (with my PC or with other NPCs), love to have side quests, love to have friendship and romance options (they make the story more real...



Yesterday I was going to face Lorne after the trial and when Khelgar came to offer his help I was going to hug him, he has been so kind! ^^



just to let you understand what I mean... I do really search for NPC interactions)

I don't like a single PC travelling alone (ie: Gothic series) or a complete self-made party (ie: Ice Wind Dale series). And about that... I HATE "go, kill whatever is present on that map, go to another map" kind of game (again, IWD).


I was interested in DA:O but I've read a topic on a game forum where people was complaining about too much kill-kill-kill, poor rule set and incredibly boring combat. No one was speaking about the real rpg part of the game. So, can you suggest me a good game? The one that can let you dream during the night of the story?


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I've started it about... errrrr... 4 times :-D and never finished... I've heard it's the bestest story in the world, but it simply doesn't seem to be able to catch me... I suppose the reason is that I can't customize my character...

Some examples:

1) my favourite class is Cleric, there you can't do a cleric

2) I am a female, with female PC. And not, I am not so good in role playing being able to amuse myself in flirting with a female. Sorry, I need a male NPC to flirt with. Maybe I have too many limitations about my ability in role playing, but to romance an NPC I simply need to be "a little in love" with him. Not able with a female...

I can assure you that the Torment scenes with your ex-girlfriend (you can see her as a ghost or a spirit...) have been quite disappointing to me o_O


Actually, when I play a FR game, I put in it my pen&paper D&D PC, always! Because I know her, I have written her background, I know how she thinks... I feel her, if you can understand what I mean. I have to feel the way of thinking of a PC for making it my PC. In Torment this simply doesn't happen.

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You definitely should play Dragon Age. I don't like the combat, but from the sounds of it, you care more about party interaction, of which it has plenty. I play on easy, and just enjoy the game for the characters and story. The NPCs are quite deep, and you can really grow to care for them (Bioware's social forum is full of threads about how desperate people are to see certain characters return for the sequel). And, of course, it's Bioware, who made the Baldur's Gate series.

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So, do you have played it? I've read many reviews and forum opinion about that. Who says is wonderful, who says is asful... I am perplexed! o_O

Can I build my own PC as I like?


Another question: Storm of Zehir... how is it? I've read on wikipedia that you should build a sort of commercial world... with the entire party made by you... Any comment about this game?

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I couldn't finish NWN2(though I enjoyed my only run through NWN1 and HoW expansion), but I, too, would recommend Dragon Age: Origins. It has full voicing, which makes character interaction even more immersive.


Anyway, these days Baldur's Gate 1, Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale 2 all have tons of banter, friendships and romances with NPC mods, so I'd recommend BG1 + EasyTutu(BG1 in BG2 engine) + BG1 NPC to start with.

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I've played DA:O and let me tell you, there was plenty of NPC interaction. And two very different but equally appealing male love interests... three if you use Immortality's Ser Gilmore mod. The combat system wasn't terrible, especially if you play on easy. If you could handle NWN2, you'll have no trouble with DA:O.


While you can't play a cleric (my old standby) in DA:O, mages in DA:O absorb a lot of the class characteristics of clerics. OK, there's no deity involved (DA:O is arguably monotheistic with a god who seems to have rejected his charges), but you can choose your spell selection in a way that suggests that you're really a follower of Selune, or whatever.


DA:O had me hooked for a solid two months. I did no modding during that interval, which for me is nothing short of amazing. I was never able to get the toolset to run on my computer so I never got into DA:O modding and thus gave up DA:O to return to BG2 and NWN2 modding, but if I could have modded DA:O on my machine, I probably wouldn't be living up to BG2 or NWN2 commitments right now.

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I am loving NWN2... and I disliked NWN. Why? Well, not only for the fact that you can just bring a single npc with you, but the interactions... oh, the interactions!!!

You can just speak a bit with your npc, only few words till the next level and they also pretend your pc would romance an npc that you have seen 3 times when he was giving you a quest. Please!!! No, no and no.

About IWD, never again in my life. I've hated it with all my being... the story is obvious, boring and you have too many things to kill. Once, I've used god's mode just to see if, after killing everything, there would he something happening different from "go to the next area and kill everything".

BG... the problem is that my internet connection is incredibly bad, only an UMTS or 3G wireless connection. So downloading the tutu seems impossible :-(

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If you hated IWD, you'll hate Storm of Zehir. I'd definitely give that a miss.


In DA:O, you can take 3 companions with you at a time, like in NWN2. The characters available for romance when you're playing a female character are Alistair, a quirky (but charming), good-guy templar (warrior), Zevran, a flirtatious, amoral assassin and Leliana, a sweet, religious girly-girl bard.


As berelinde said, the voice acting really brings the characters to life. Check out youtube for some clips.

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Actually, it was Kulyok that said that the voicing makes the game feel more alive, but she's right. I felt no need to repeat what she said.


DA:O love interests


Alistair: Sweet, hesitant, awkward, and sincere. He can take a joke, though, and reacts favorably to anything that isn't obviously insulting. His romance moves at a reasonable pace. If you like self-effacing humor and vulnerability, you may enjoy his company tremendously. I never leave camp without him. He is a warrior with the Templar specialization. He comes out of the box with sword and shield skills and that's really where he's most effective. As a warrior whose stats are balanced between strength, dexterity, and constitution, it makes the most sense for him. Make sure he has good armor, though, and keep his stats as balanced as you can. If his constitution lags too far behind his strength/dex, he'll die a lot. And pay attention to his health bar and heal him if he drops too low. If you play mostly good parties, you will have no difficulty keeping Alistair happy.


Zevran: Saucy, sassy, and playful, Zevran doesn't take much seriously. You can be pretty crude with him without causing offense, but avoid saying anything negative about elves. Zevran has had a hard life and has learned to find pleasure in unlikely places, but that won't stop him from melting when you show kindness toward him. Zevran starts out with a pretty miserable skill set. He can't even pick locks effectively. So make sure you build up points there as soon as possible. Fortunatley, rogues seem to build up skill points faster than warriors or mages. He is an assassin with a reasonably balanced stat distribution, but you are going to want to distribute his points between dexterity, cunning, and constitution. Yes, constitution. As an assassin with decent hide skills, he's outstanding in an ambush, so you will want to give him more rogue and dual-wielding skills, all of which consume stamina. He dies a lot, too, but there isn't much you can do about that. Just let him rez himself after the battle, let him open up the locks, and get back to camp or heal his injuries using injury kits.


Leliana: She's a girly-girl alright, with obsessions about shoes and shopping. She also tends to be really preachy. CrazeeFFan will have to tell you her good points because I've never found any.


If you ever decide to play a male PC, your love interests are


Morrigan: Femme fatale.


Leliana: 'Nuff said


Zevran: Needless to say, all of my male PCs are gay.

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@ CrazeeFan: what SoZ has to be so dreadful? Can you give me a small summary of the big turn off it has? I am really curious...


@ Berelinde: well, I'll be an elf, so no problem about speaking bad of elves :-P

As I said before, my role playing abilities are not so good, so I usually play as a straight female. Only male for my pc! But tell me, what happens in these romance options? I mean, I don't want a spoiler, just to understand the range of interaction.


ie: I love Anomen romance very much. It was the first time I played a romance in a videogame and it really surprised me, since I didn't think it would be present something like that in a game. But you have just 5 or 6 dialogues in the game. Not so much to play with different answers.

Now... well, I love Bishop! :-D I am playing your (you and Domi) romance mod and it is wonderful (by the way, congratulation for the perfect characterization of that guy. Your dialogues are so perfectly suiting him! Really, I am surprised to see how wonderfully you have been able to follow his personality). And there are many interactions, not only dialogues (ie:



after the duel with Lorne, there's a dialogue in which Bishop comes and kiss the pc on the cheek... that's not just dialogue, you can finally "see" what the npc does, except from speaking. You can flirt with him, like kissing him or taking the hand...



I mean, also some action, not just dialogues)... so, in DA:O are there just dialogues or also interactions?


@ Ipsy: thanks for those links, I am going to have a look. The only problem is that I don't think mods can actually remove some of the go-kill-go-kill sequences... :mad:

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Actually, it was Kulyok that said that the voicing makes the game feel more alive, but she's right. I felt no need to repeat what she said.


Oops! Shows how much I pay attention.


I know you already said you'd play a straight female, but I thought I'd give you the low-down on Leliana anyway, seeing as you might find yourself romancing her accidentally, and she has a nice friendship path. She's sweet, cute and sincere. She tries to see the good in everyone and give people a second chance because her own actions in the past have hardly been saint-like. She has found solace in the Maker (like Christianity's God), but her faith is largely personal, and is often at odds with the rest of the Chantry. Oh, and she has a french accent. And likes shoes.


The romances consist of a number of talks initiated by the PC - I couldn't give an exact number (between 5 and 10). They will also comment on the actions of the PC throughout the game. Gifts are available throughout the game for all the companions, which can increase your influence with them, and if special, can prompt dialogue. All companions have a quest, too.


@ CrazeeFan: what SoZ has to be so dreadful? Can you give me a small summary of the big turn off it has? I am really curious...


I wouldn't call it dreadful, no. But the party is made entirely by the player, so there's no character interaction, like in IWD. The story isn't great, either. To be fair, I enjoyed it, but that's because I just let my imagination go wild and came up with detailed back-stories and personalities for all my characters. It's not very similar to the NWN2 OC.

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CrazeeFFan summed it up pretty much. You get fewer dialogues than you get with Anomen in BG2, but they aren't nearly as one-sided. You can initiate dialogue with them and ask them about a bunch of things, but the actual flirting is minimal. You get a choice between kissing them (with a kiss animation) and going to bed with them. The first time you sleep with the NPC, a video plays, but everyone is wearing hideous underwear (again, there are mods that fix that so that the characters are appropriately nude).


Personally, I found the DA romances with Alistair and Zevran to be much more satisfying than Anomen's. I felt like more of a participant and less like a therapist. The writing for both romanceable males is outstanding, and the voice acting...


(fans self)


Anyway, all praise for the Bishop Romance goes to Domi; I had nothing to do with it. I wrote the Casavir Romance. :mad:

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