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Noob question - how to play BG1 in EasyTutu


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Hi. I've just started playing BG and I wanted to play at a higher resolution so I installed EasyTutu. Installation was good, but when I start the Easy Tutu shortcut, it takes me to BG2. How do I tell Tutu that I want to play BG1?



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This sounds like stupid questions, but did you really start the EasyTutu, not the converted BGII (this question is more valid for the original Tutu versions, I guess), and second: What does it say at the beginning? Because the intro screen looks awfully like BGII, since the grahics aren't changed, but it should say "Baldur's Gate" or something like that.


If of course you end up in Irenicus Dungeon, then indeed something went terribly wrong.

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