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Funny Item Descriptions


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Hi, I installed the BG2_Tweaks mod ( I might have installed one prior to that one from way before since I have had the game installed for a long time and just recently started playing it again ) Anyhow, the problem I have is that the item descriptions are funny comments instead of actual descriptions... this is not much of an issue with items like "Shield+1" but it gets annoying when I dont have a clue what "Wyverns Tail" ( to give a random example ) does. :S.


Any idea on how I can Uninstall that feature ? ( I did not find it on the BG2_Tweaks mod.. so might be something I installed prior to that, I just have no idea on how to search for what mods I might have installed :hm: )


Any help would be welcome :undecided:.. Thanks

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