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how about some romance starting dynamics?


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Hi there


I installed the mod and took Sarah with me and so far I enjoyed your work. I’m especially impressed by your voice work which I think is really good!


I am now in chapter 6 and on my way to kill Bodhi which led me to notice something: There is no romance for my CHARNAME. I thought the romance is coming along slowly, kicking in gear in ToB or something like that because nothing happened apart from friendship talks. But when there was no abduction by Bodhi I started to wonder and dug myself through the code.


Apparently there is only one single situation early on where the romance can be started (it’s highly possible I’m wrong with that because I’m stupid but nevertheless… ^^). And it is a situation that is in no way recognisable if you fail it because it’s a friendship talk in a line of friendship talks.


I am one of those people who aim to gather their final party before doing anything at all. I emerged from Irenicus’ dungeon with rep 11 (CG), gathered the NPCs I wanted in Athkatla (Viconia was one of them, so rep 9) and rushed to get Sarah. The friendship banter in question came when my rep was 11 again but since you don’t notice that this is an important banter I just went on with it. It took me the last few weeks to do everything there is, now I am ready for the finish and I find I missed a huge part of Sarah. Now I stopped playing and wonder if I should start over or go on with it (but without it ^^). That is quite… annoying… to say the least. :undecided:


Maybe you could add something to the SF3 banter so the player might get a clue. Or insert more situations where the romance can be started. Or CHARNAME can tell Sarah that she feels something more than just friendship after a few friendship talks, if the requirements are met and the only chance to start the thing was missed. You know something to make this a little more dynamic. And to protect morons like me from disappointment. :hm:


Anyways it’s just a suggestion and sorry for my blabbering.

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