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TBG: TeamBG the Return

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With my work on rebuilding the past, my TeamBG preservation sites, I was contacted by an individual from the old days about the work I did and discussion lead to reviving the name that started the IE modding community, TeamBG. Of course I was all for it, TeamBG always held a special place for me. They started the modding scene with one of my favorite games and I will always be grateful for it. People loved them or hate them but you have to admit there's been a void in the IE community with their absence. Not any more. We have and will continue to rebuild the TeamBG name from the very day it left us.


And before you ask, TeamBG is not a satellite to CoM nor is CoM a satellite of TeamBG. They are separate entities just like FWStudios was to Forgotten Wars. We do welcome back the former TeamBG members from the old days or from .eu site. Now, lets get on with the show.


"TeamBG, the name, the community that started IE modding back in 1998. TeamBG, went offline in July of 2004, TeamBG back August 2010. The community has changed greatly since our departure but our goals have still remained the same when we first launched many years ago:


* Adding new RPG elements to existing IE games.

* Creating new adventures in existing IE games.

* Creating entire new games using the IE game engine inside each IE game.

* Creating a new game world using the IE game engine focused on building a gaming environment structured around module releases.

* To understand the structure and inner workings of the Infinity Engine.


We have always been the place for modding news, mod reviews and interviews, which we will be again. With that said, any time someone posts a thread in our Infinity Modding News forum about a new mod release, update or any other information about a mod, that post will show up on our main site page, just like it did in the past. We welcome the game player to write reviews of a mod and add it to our collection.


Also a new mod list will be found at TeamBG for easy access and up to date links for the player who is looking for mods to install in their IE games. This will be updated whenever a mod author requests an updated link to their mod or they release a new mod. No more dead links for the mod player.


Some of our mods have returned home, those mods where the original mod author/authors never requested a new home for their mod when TeamBG went down six years ago. We do thank the people who have modernize our mods over the years and if they wish to continue doing so, they may do it at TeamBG. Also, we do thank the communities and people who have provided alternate download links to our mods over the years. But the only place to find updated TeamBG mods and discussion is at TeamBG and we request that any such links be taken down or redirected to TeamBG. We thank you for your cooperation.


Most of our old utilities are up for download and we are always looking for utility creators to make new tools for the IE games. One thing that frustrates and eventually stops the new modder from making a new mod is the lack of quality or easy to use tools. TeamBG has always been the place for tools in the IE games and we welcome any new tools in the future.


Come visit the new TeamBG, we are building worlds with the Infinity Engine."



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