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Hello some advice...

Guest Gabriel

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Guest Gabriel

I think I just messed up my game... Let me explain:


Played this mod a long time ago and decided to replay it with a different r.option ( in my case Salomeya) Everything was going smoothly (or so i thought) until I reached the end of chapter 5.


Once I started chapter 6 I found that I could no longer talk to her in private. It was at this point that I remembered that while romancing Peony there used to be short messages, like: She is falling for you...or some such, which gave you a general update on the romance.


Messaged which I did not receive with Salomeya. The romance is active, I know that much, I checked the globals and am able to flirt with her, it just seems that the romance is stuck in it's initial stages and refuses to progress.


my character: neutral evil, Moon elf, fighter thief. All in all I think i have about 9 points of her ... um liking me (from stats, skills, race and alignment).


I have exactly 3 save games : one in the field of slaughter(before the battle with Sablic Tan), one auto save from the ending of chapter 5 and one quick save from chapter 6.


Can my game ... and the romance be somehow salvaged without me having to start all over again?


OO and in case some mods caused this error: I have the patch, Wesley's ease of use, Merchant, Pause all dialogue(from tweaks) and the NPC mod itself. Could one of these have caused the error?

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