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Sorry For The Downtime (again)


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Hi everyone,


Sorry about the downtime. The host got mad at us for exceeding our limit on the database. When I went through the database to sort things out, I discovered that our broken that has yet to be fixed wiki was the cause of this. Fear not though...we have plenty of space for the forums and site. This shouldn't happen again...hopefully. :undecided:

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How very courteous of the host to shut the site down, instead of sending notice... :)

I was thinking the same thing.

Thank you for your efforts theacefes. It feels wrong when I can't get a G3 fix. :undecided:


Thirded. :hm: Same here.


Thank you for bringing the site back!

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What you did was OK, and you really shouldn't be sorry, "these things happenTM".

But you might consider having a semipermanent second download link... yes, the IEGMC America doesn't get updated nowadays... so you can try to make Berelinde's link permanent, or take Solaufein's offer...(oh cheese, I lost the link already).


How very courteous of the host to shut the site down, instead of sending notice... :)
Well, taking the site down can be considered as a notice, too... :undecided::hm:
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I still get the same error message if I type:




Instead, coming in through specific pages (Forum, Downloads, ecc.) works fine.

You may have an old version cached - try forcing a refresh.


So what are you actually going to do about the wiki?


It's time to delete it, but where to store the articles and snippets that are there (code archives, like the fixpack pages, can get trashed)?

We're still in the process of figuring this out.

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