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Thanks for the update :hm:


First I read the announcement as v5 would contain almost fifty new encounters, so I rushed to the readme to see the changes between v4 and v5. :undecided: I didn't recall discussions about that many new encounter on the forum.



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Sorry about the disappointment. :undecided: But you can imagine that writing more than fifty encounters isn't an easy feat!



(whisper) I don't know about you, but this new Sherlock BBC series are very erotic, despite the absence of actual erotic scenes. And recently I read some really steamy Buffy fanfics. Mostly featuring Spike.



Ahem. Anyway! If you guys and ladies(our readers and our players) can write and code, please, submit fifty coded encounters, and I'll gladly add them, if the writing is okay and your coding works. But you already know that. :hm:

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