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Well,most of the mods WILL have combat,but there are some others that award a witty use of tongue or sneak,instead of merciless killing;plus,almost the totality of the mods I will list will usually need both SoU (Shadow of Undrentide expansion) and HotU (Hordes of the Underdark),while a few may need the CEP (Community Expansion Pack,available for free on nwn vault...although I usually try and avoid those that require CEP ;) ),so you may eventually want to get all of them,but anyway the modules will usually list the requirements in their page.


That being said,there aren't particular recommendations I can say for HotU,since the expansion has pretty much a great story by itself (for my standards,of course);if you're gonna play Valen romance,though,I warmly suggest the implementation of this dialogue and these patches,which will respectively add a new funny dialogue wrote by Gaider himself,and fix some possible bugs with Valen's romance (they explain how to use them in the topics).


Now,onto the list!


Shadowlord,Dreamcatcher and Demon sagas by Adam Miller (full install here)


Up to now,one of the best sagas I've ever played on NwN,roleplay and story wise; I personally love the guy,he did wonders both in storytelling,scripting new stuff and using the toolset in creative ways.He even created mini games inside the game;not to mention his npcs seem really alive.

There is a total of three romances that can be sustained throughout all the 3 sagas,which have a very long time-arc and are all part of the same,long story: 2 straight ones (one for a female PC,one for a male PC) and a bisexual one,which is very well written;as said,I myself am not generally a fan of lesbian romances,but Anera still has a special place in my heart :undecided:

If you like his style,you may also love his Dark Waters series for NwN2 :hm:



The Aielund Saga by Savant (part I, part II, part III, part IV, part V, part VI)


Very long but immersive series of modules,it starts with easy stuff and then the story gets epic,not set in the Forgottens,but close enough;the love interest becomes available later on in the story,and he's not exactly a beauty,but he's definitively worth it :p



Sanctum of the Archmage series byAndarian (part I, part II)


A peculiar and well written series,not set in the Forgottens,but still in a fantasy world;the series is not finshed yet,but the author is pretty active and he has a blog (here),not to mention he does frequent updates and cares a lot for his fanbase.

There are several love interests: the main one has a more long-winded romance and his/her gender is decided according to PC gender,while the rest are more straight-forward romances and there's at least one option for each gender the PC may choose (so a minimum of two choices whatever you decide to play).

Although you are free to play whatever you like,there are some pin-pointers about stats to fully enjoy the game,so I suggest you read the documentation included with the module carefully :)




And now,for the more risquè....


A Dance with Rogues by Valine (part one and part two)


This is a difficult series to describe: for one,you are restricted to play a female character and one with roguish abilities,at that (although you can always multiclass);aside from that,the game has very heavy themes and many situations reveal in sexual harassment,violence and so on,not to mention there is an initial scene of rape.If you can go past this,though,you'll have one of the best roleplay experiences that NwN1 can offer:there are several ways to solve the module and you can really play out your PC in many ways,from a frigid girl to a violent assassin,from a delicate flower to a wretched seductress.

The story itself has a long time-arc as well and is very immersive,not to mention there is a caleidoscope of ambients and situations (although it's mainly set in Betancuria,setting created by the author herself);exploration is not exactly free,but you'll be so involved in the story,you won't even notice.

Romances earn a topic all by themselves: not only there are several main romance options (a total of 3 in first part,and theres an addition of another 2 in second part,all mature rated),but depending on how you play out the module,there's several romantic and/or sexual encounters your PC may experience,as well;the sex scenes are honestly very well written,descriptive and explicit without being vulgar (at least for my standards,one may find them offensive probably) and the romance options are all interesting in their peculiar way,since they are all different.

Currently Valine has revamped part one,doing some major changes to story and some npcs,and she will probably do that for second part as well,in time;you may experience some minor inconsistencies between part 1 and part 2 presently,but nothing so bad that you won't love it anyway....this,of course,if you can bear with the core concept of the module :D

There is a wiki dedicated to this series as well,you may want to consult it for clarifications --> link


and last but not least


Sex&The Single Adventuress by Lisa ( find it here)


This module is totally for the laughs;if you can accept sexual humor and the sexual cliche parody,this will surely make your day,or at least provide fun for some hours.It is designed for an epic character and even if there's few combat,be prepared for those few encounters!


You may also like: Tales of Arterra series,Enigma Island series and Island Adventures series (you can find them all here,along with many other mods that have romances,although I'd recommend the ones in the list first);there's Kunoichi series as well,if you can bear with the sexual themes and the oriental setting (although the series wasn't finished :D ).


I tried to list the ones that are complete or on the way of completion and that don't require particular character restrictions (with the exception of AdwR).


Further descriptions and whatnots are in the module specific pages,which you can find on the vault (I provided all the links,I think);I apologize in advance if you may find them offensive or boring,but in the end it's just a bunch of suggestions,so don't take it at heart ;)


Let me know :p

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Thank you for all the links, you have been extremely kind!

So, proceeding in order...

What is CEP? I am confused (as usual)... but am I the only one who always played vanilla games? The first modification I ever add is the romance pack! Just figure!


From what you know, those patches to Valen's dialogues, works on a multilingual installation? My games are, of course, in Italian.

You said that HotU has a good plot... form what I've seen so far, you just go to Undermountain and kill whatever form of life in front of you... I hope the game will improve really fast! However, I'm just at the beginning!


:-O HOW MANY MODULES HAVE YOU PLAYED??? I am shocked! I've never played on in my entire life, but you are just compensating my absolute absence :-D

Thank you for your long list, there are really many modules around! And also in different parts, well, I never thought there could have been so many!


About my preference. Being a straight female, I am able to enjoy only straight female romances. I am not good enough in RP to feel the same involvement by romancing a female instead that a male. One of the reasons why my PCs are always female!

About "A dance with the rogue", I had already read about them can't-rember-when-where-and-why, and I think I am going to skip that one. I don't like dealing with sexual harassment, rape, and things like that. Plus I don't like the idea that (from what I read) many situation in the game can be solved with sexual interaction. It is not my style!


Instead, about the following one you listed... is it just parody or your PC has to sleep around with whoever to finish the plot?


Thank you for your suggestions. I know, I am a way too much complicate to help! :-D

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I played the NWN2 version of Sex and the Single Adventuress, not the NWN version, and sex is just about all there is to it. It is treated as a joke, though, and it is quite ridiculous at times. If you find sexual humor amusing, you might like it. I found it very funny indeed. If you don't appreciate sexual slapstick, you won't like it. Nothing wrong with either stance; we all laugh at different things.

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I have to agree those are all top notch modules expect I can't speak for Sex&The Single Adventuress as I've never played it. I guess I'll have to try it out as you have such good taste otherwise lol. My favorites are probably Sanctum of the Archmage and ADWR. Both really awesome ADWR really appeals to my dark side.


Also I had no idea there were Valen patches! :undecided: You totally just made my day. So thanks for that.

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If you are at all interested in talking about excellent NWN2 modules, Harp and Chrysanthemum is absolutely phenomenal. You really are encouraged to play a good-aligned PC, but it's got everything: good plot, engaging characters, decent romance, beautiful area graphics, lovely music. I played through as a male PC with that one, romancing the female, but you can play through with a female PC, too. I only wish that the modder didn'd abandon the sequel. Some people liked Fate of a City, but I didn't care for it at all. The NPCs weren't to my taste and I found the gameplay to be rather dull and the areas rather boring. Others rave about it, though.


Talking about Harp and Chrysanthemum has made me want to go play it again, maybe with a female PC this time. :undecided:

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1) I've seen there are two Valen patches (plus the add). Do I have to install both the two patches?

2) well, one of my problem is that I have some difficulties with English so I am afraid that 80% of the jokes in those modules will simply enter in my mind and exit without my brain cells would be able to recognize them as a joke o_O


meanwhile, since my computer is still without gpu, I am study intensively Electron toolset tutorials. I hope I will be ready in doing something with that very soon :-)

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Ok, I've just met Deekin... and he's really adorable! ^^ Now I understand why everyone is so fond of him!

By the way, being him a bard, it is supposed to UNLOCK the locked doors. So, why, each time I ask him to open a door, he starts to hit it with his weapon? o_O


So I have to install all the patches I've downloaded. Ok, thanks. Well, I don't think my PC is going to have a family... I cannot really imagine her on a battlefield with children around... no, she is definitely not into family things :-D


Oh, do you have suggestion for NWN2 modules too? I am here waiting for your words ^^ Of course, I still have to wait for a new gpu to come back, but as soon as I'll got it... ;-)

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Deekin can be pretty adorable at times indeed,unless he starts speaking of draconic urine :undecided:

And technically,only rogues or npc who have rogue levels will attempt to unlock doors,while the rest will just try to bash them open (same goes with chests and the likes);bards are no exception,since unlock it's not a class skill and they don't even have the spell,unlike wizards and sorcerers,so I'm afraid Deekin is behaving correctly there :p

You may try to bring Nathyrra around,once you'll have her in party,if I remember right,she has rogue levels :D on top of that,she and Valen have a very funny banter at a certain point :hm:


As for the family thing,well,some adventurers may feel the need to retire,in time;just look at Daeghun and Duncan in NwN2,for one.That talk with Valen is pretty much a talk about the future you may or may not have together;you don't have to necessarily choose on having children,but it's a sign your romance is progressing,anyway you'll have your range of answers to give,so don't worry :D


The problem in giving a list of NwN2 modules to play is that many of the ones I liked have been dropped,as stated in my previous post :(


Anyway,here's some I liked in sparce order:



Dark Waters saga by Adam Miller (full installment here)


Yeah,I admit I am a fan of his,but with good reason:the setting is original,although it can still be rated as fantasy and it eventually will have some connection with the D&D world,somewhat....plus,it has pirates,yarr!I know it may sound strange,but if you've liked pirates of the caribbean somewhat,you will like this;not to mention the story is simple (in terms of storytelling,not plot,ha!) but beautiful,immersive AND humoristic at times,and has a very peculiar concept behind it all (I can't say too much without spoiling it,though).On top of that,there are some real funny minigames;I personally loved lute hero,a parody of guitar hero,and available as a standalone mod as well.Not satisfied yet?There are two romances available,and both are well written,although I preferred the Daniel's one for obvious reason (Chris Serani's voice on top of them *laughs*);not to mention almost all the dialogues are voiced,just like a real vanilla game :p

The only bad thing about Dark Waters,is maybe that the last installment still has some bugs here and there;Adam used to be very active in regard of bugfixing and module maintenance,but he had some serious real life issues,and presently he put mod scripting on hold....I still mourn the loss,but real life comes ALWAYS before everything else,so I can't really blame him and hopefully,he will eventually come back to the scene... ;)

Meanwhile,we can still have fun with his great work and hopefully you'll enjoy it too ;)



Legacy of the Dragon by Illondar (find it here)


Short but fun module to pass some hours;the companions you can have in party are peculiar (expecially the male romanceable option!) and,although they may lack the usual close-to-obsessive depth I usually go for,they are a refreshing and still pleasant change for once.The plot is simple,but the module still retains a nice atmosphere;there is a lot of combat expecially in the end and even a famous Cameo of a certain drow with his companions :p


Serene by Tsongo ( link )


Ok,there are some race and age restrictions,but honestly they make sense storywise,so I didn't find em too bad;the author is not a native english speaker,but the module is written pretty decently,and the story is peculiar,expecially in how certain things are played out and regarding certain plot twists.There is no use of conversational skill,so you may like it,since it's pointed more toward combat;the setting is original as well,and I honestly had some pleasant time playing it.


Asphyxia by Azenn (link


The author of the mod claims he didn't have a clear idea while writing it and that the module is probably a mess;falsa modestia I'd say,since the module is pretty well written,both story and dialogue wise.Not your average module for sure,the setting is totally made out;sadly no romances,but still worth a try if you want some entertainment for a while :p



Ravenloft:Dreamscape by Blackrain Software ( link)


Many "experts" of the Ravenloft setting&lore claimed this module to be preposterous,to have taken too much liberty and so on;I,on top of my blissful ignorance,still enjoyed it a lot,maybe because I have a penchant for things that deal with the subconscious,the metaphorical and explore the mind,or maybe because I just liked the whole dream-like atmosphere (I blame the studies I had to do on Jung and Freud,ha!).



You may also like this,although unfortunately they have been dropped,but honestly I think they are still worth playing nonetheless:


  • the said Harp and Chrysanthemum (and,if you like the author,The Birthday)
  • Moonshadows
  • Subtlety of Thay (part 1 and 2) there's a cameo of the Simbul...what else you need? :)
  • Dark Avenger (1 and 2) if you want to try the dark side *evil grin*
  • The White rose (1 and 2) very peculiar idea behind it...I'm not sure if this has been dropped,but the author didn't update in a LONG while,so...
  • Asylum series (currently 1 and 2) another crazy trip into your PC's mind...not your average module for sure,I was totally captivated by it!
  • Howls in the Dark I loved the way he fleshed out his npcs,they have indeed a spark of life!And from the same author,there's The chronicles of Azaelus...they are not exactly dropped,but on hold for long :(


Everything can be found on Neverwinter Vault,of course,should you decide to try em out;and I didn't mentioned the romance pack because I took for granted you already installed it :p


Have fun and I hope I've been of use :p

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About "A dance with the rogue", I had already read about them can't-rember-when-where-and-why

Uhm... Maybe 2 weeks ago, in your own thread, because you asked? :undecided:




I don't like dealing with sexual harassment, rape, and things like that. Plus I don't like the idea that (from what I read) many situation in the game can be solved with sexual interaction. It is not my style!

I can understand very well that people might feel uncomfortable if they get rape, violence and other nasty stuff shoved down their throats. That's a valid argument. I can even vaguely comprehend that some people might not enjoy solving quests by sleeping with someone. That's fine with me, too.


What I don't understand is how it is a bad thing to have the option to solve quests via sex. It's optional. Anybody who is appalled by such content doesn't have to see it, but can still play and enjoy the mod, because there are other ways to solve the quests without ever going down that road. Why is the fact that there is content you don't like enough to not play the whole thing, even if you never have to see said content? Players usually complain that there are too few options, not too many.




Also, a general thing I noticed: These days, there seem to be several threads/people asking for recommendations quite intensively, and well, they're asking the same things over and over again. A lot of helpful people have recommended many things already, now and in the past, but ultimately you have to see for yourself if you like it or not. I understand if you don't want to waste a lot of money on a shitty new game, especially if you're on a budget or something, but if you already got the game, there's nobody stopping you from trying out all the mods there are to your heart's content. :hm:

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I wish I had never read that topic and the things regarding Planescape;my first reaction was to burn the infidels,but in the end,I love the game and I know why,I know its real worth,so to each his/her own :hm:


In regards of module and suggestions,indeed she is free to try out;but seeing as how there's a whole bunch of custom modules out there,and many are really sloppy ones,it's not so bad to ask for a general advice...then she can of course try things out by herself :D


And indeed,I tried to make clear that,aside from the initial situation,all the sexual events are pretty much skippable and there are many ways to solve things out;AdwR is based on a peculiar ambient and concept though,so if she can't bear with the general mood of the mod,nobody can force her to....


Back when I was younger I did the same thing,I thought of AdwR just as "not my thing";maybe she will appreciate it later on as I did (and had a sort of revelation-like experience from it,hehe!),when older and wiser (not that I've been wiser,but anyways *laughs*).


just a note though: AdwR is written by a WOMAN,and a talented one at that....so be assured that,as dark and twisted as the world in AdwR is,the sensibility behind it is still a woman's,and it shows in many ways (no offense to our brothers ;)) :D


Now,let's all be friends and have a drink together (tea for me,thank you :undecided: ) :)

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I wouldn't recommend "Serene" to anyone. It's absolutely riddled with spelling errors, typos, and randomized punctuation, to the point where it's actually hard to follow. Players get *no* dialogue choices. Whenever somebody talks, your character is told what she's saying. It might be the greatest story in the world, but if you like role-playing, you'll find the mod too restrictive.

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