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BG2 romanceable males, split from Sand Romance

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You can download the application Shadowkeeper, point it at your BG Tutu or BG2 install, and open a saved game with the character you want to tweak. If you have, say, a half-elven bard, all you need to do is open a save, go to the Characteristics tab, and on the drop-down menu for Race, select Elf. Simple :undecided:


EasyTutu does have the same engine and ruleset as BG2, so yes, there is a sorcerer class.


It's probably not so important that you play vanilla BG1. In fact, it could be quite interesting to have NPCs interacting with the PC and the game world without the metagaming knowledge that many players have. A runthrough of vanilla BG2 might be more interesting, though. Maybe just the Fixpack and a couple of banter packs for extra content.


Just do yourself a favor. When you download mods, download them to your game directory. When you decide to install them, make sure your game is not running. Never attempt to begin installing a second mod until the first mod's installation is complete.

Addendum: never install or reinstall mods and then load an old saved game. Also, ensure that you properly back up files as described here. It applies to Tutu as well as BG2.


How powerful a bard is can vary, IMO. A Skald is a useful support character, since their bardsong is incredibly powerful. Jesters are fun and interesting from about levels 3-8, but otherwise not so useful. Blades are almost fighter/mages, but they gain levels considerably more quickly. Dexterity is probably the most important attribute after Charisma, though.


Edit: Also, BG has mages (wizards) that learn and memorize spells normally, specialist mages that get an extra spell per level but are barred from one spell school (e.g., Enchanters can't cast invocation magic), and sorcerers that have a set number of spells per day. Elves can be regular Mages, Diviners, Enchanters, and Sorcerers. Available cleric kits are priests of Lathander, Helm, and Talos, as well as an unkitted cleric. There are numerous kit mods, though. I know there's a standalone cleric of Sune kit mod, as well as the Divine Remix mod that completely revamps the spell system and adds a number of cleric kits.

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I'm usually not a fan of trainers or savegame modifiers,I like to stick with my initial character,since I usually build them with an rp idea in mind;thanks for the link though,you never know what may go awry,so I bookmarked everything (even the backup explanation,thank you!) :D


as for the vanilla playthrough,I'd been more interested in a BG1 vanilla playthrough more than a BGII one,since I never played BGI and,even if I have few memories,I did play BGII at least once;then again,all the mods I intend to install are mostly the romance ones,and as far as I've read,they don't change too much in terms of plot or gameplay,aside from the additional banters and whatnot.It's not like loving or seducing X instead of Y will either doom or save the world,from what I've gathered;but feel free to correct me in this regard :undecided:


I'm slowly reducing the class choice between either sorcerer or cleric;race will probably be elven,although it will be an uncommon elf.....but it's still the forgotten settings,who says elves can't be cheerful?(well,probably Xan would,ha!).The Sune kitpack sounds A LOT appealing,but for now I wanna avoid too many modifications,aside from the romance mods :)


Thanks yet again for the great infos! :hm:

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I'm slowly reducing the class choice between either sorcerer or cleric;race will probably be elven,although it will be an uncommon elf.....but it's still the forgotten settings,who says elves can't be cheerful?(well,probably Xan would,ha!).

One word: Coran. :undecided:

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Awwww,too bad Coran doesn't have a BGII continue then :hm:


I'll make sure to have both in party for the banters,at least in BGI,thanks for the advice :)


By the way,I was wondering,is it possible to substitute portraits for the npcs?Or make original ones for my PC,as I did in Nwn?Just making sure of the possibilities (or lack of them)... :undecided:

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Thank the Valars;I know I am a vain female,but some portraits just make me shiver in horror,sorry about it :undecided:


I'll begin looking for tutorials and whatnot,but if anyone has suggestion in that regard,I welcome everything :hm:

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To add PC portraits, you need a small and medium size. The small size is 39x60 pixels, and the medium is 110x170 pixels. They must be saved as 24-bit BMP (bitmap) files, with the filename 7 characters or less and ending in L or M (for the medium size) and S (for the small size). Just put them in the Portraits folder of your BG2 directory. At character creation, select "Custom" to choose one of your custom portraits.


For NPC portraits, you need portraits with the same specifications, but they need to have the same name as the NPC's original portrait. You can just stick them in the override folder.

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Check the portrait packs here on this site (check the Quests and Others tab at the top, you'll see Portrait Packs). Amaurea did some lovely portraits that will replace all of the NPC portraits at once or you can install them individually. Plasmocat did some incredible portraits for BG1 NPCs, but you have to install the whole pack. If you like Dragon Age character portraits, I did a full pack of portraits for BG1 and BG2 that will automatically detect your game and install only the ones you want. If you install it after your mods, it will also detect and install new portraits for mod NPCs, as well.


You can also add your own portraits and set the NPCs to use them using ShadowKeeper, but that takes a bit of explaining. To go that route, you need 2 differently sized images of the portrait, one 110x170, the other 38x60. Both should be saved as 24-bit BMP files.

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Well,indeed Amaurea's potraits look great;I expecially like the alternatives for Xan (although I've seen his original potrait somewhere and it's less worse then many others :undecided: ).


You have all my praise on your extensive work on the DA portraits for BG;that seems a really huge piece of workload that has been done,and skillfully I might add (Coran ones were expecially cute!Ah,red heads :) ) :D


Alas,DA potrait style doesn't appeal much to my old fashioned side and I really like the illustration feeling "old" BG portraits give;I guess for now I will plunder Amaurea's ones and other I will try and find on the net....I want to wait and have the game to actually making an attempt to custom potrait (no,I'm totally not lazing out,honest...! :hm: ).


Question: can I still use Amaurea's BGI potraits in BGII? (i.e. for modded imported chars from BGI like Xan,Ajantis,and the likes?)


Thanks a lot for the pin pointers,as always you've been mighty kind :D

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Xan is a maybe. He uses default portraits, but there might be some trouble with his medium-sized portrait, not sure. Ajantis uses his own portrait set, so no, using Amaurea's BG1 Portraits will not change his portrait in BG2.

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