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Can't get Amber to rejoin party

Guest Teroth

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Guest Teroth

Hello, first I would like to say I really love the Amber BG II mod. Of the ridiculous amount of mods I have installed for BG II, this one is one of my faveorites.


But I am having a major problem with my current playthrough concerning Amber. I had to temporarily remove her from my party so I could pal around with Kova and Kiyone from the BTL mod for a little while. Eventually I got tired of Kiyone's righteous blabber and sent her on a solo mission to fight some elder vamps, and decided she wasan't worth the time to cast a Raise spell on her.


Succinctly, Kova got mad and left my party when I removed her corpse from the lineup. So, I am in need of my faveorite Tiefling to fill the spot of honorary lockpicker for the group.


However, when I got to the Five Flagons to recruit her, her dialogue options are as those she is still in the party, and there is no option to ask her to return. Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix this situation and get her back into the group?


Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in Advance,


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Hi! Can you send me a savegame so that I can look at Amber's variables. I think the dialogue file has failed tho change to whe she was removed from the party and that's why she now sprouts wrong dialogue. But I have to check. You can send the save to amber@welho.net

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