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TBG: File Sharing Announcement

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Do you have custom content for the IE games like a sword or some nice armor and would like to share it with others?

Or perhaps you started a mod but don't have the time to finish it and you don't want to see your custom made items/content go to waste?

Want to get into IE modding but you are afraid to start? Start small, make an item pack or a store that sells your custom items. Share it with your friends, share it with the community.


Well TeamBG has something to offer you, a place to upload your work at. TeamBG presents the file sharing program. You can upload your custom content for others to download, comment and talk about. It's easy to use, easy to upload, easy to download. Visit TeamBG today and get started with your file uploads.


File Upload Forum the place to get you started.

Visit the new TeamBG, we're building worlds one small step at a time.

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