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Turning off max HP setting

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Hi, okay I'm a newb at this stuff, so I don't know where this thread should really go, but one of the mods I downloaded changed the HP so that I get max HP every level up. I want to go back to how it was before, but I don't know what made me get max HP in the first place and I like everything else about the stuff I've downloaded.


I've got the BG1 NPC project

the song and silence mod

the divine remix

all the new NPCs


If someone could tell me how to make my HP at level up go back to random without uninstalling any of the mods I'd really appreciate it.

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Turn up your difficulty setting. Anything below Core Rules will give you max rolls.

Thanks, I had that setting fixed on my old baldur's gate and didn't realize it got set back to original with the TUTU, sorry for wasting peoples time, I can't believe I missed that (I mean I changed back all the graphics settings but forgot the gameplay settings)

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